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  1. madmowingman

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    I've been full time Lawn Maintenance for 2 years..I want to diversify. I don't want to do heavy landscaping....I would like to get into lawn installation. Anything else guys and gals do to diversify?
  2. kutnkru

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    Landscape Lighting or Irrigation may be something you could consider. Don't forget if you know reputable people you can sub some of your "diversified" work out.

    Hope this helps.
  3. kountryscape

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    i try to do alot of different things. i started doing just installs like plantings etc. Now i do retaining walls, concrete curved sidewalks,brick edging, and since i was a union carpenter for 5 years i started a custom built arbor , trellis, deck, fence company . i also have a retail and wholesale greenhouse business. this is all done by myself with seasonal help in the greenhouse and some part time help in the summer from a high school guy. you have to find something knowone else does and do it well when other try to do it find other niches . my month of may is hell on wheels !!!!
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    I believe from a business standpoint that we need to ask ourselves the question of whether it is more profitable to diversify or is it something we just want to do to break up the bordem?

    Will the diversification compliment our current services and enhance customer satisfaction?

    The more services we offer the harder it becomes to be profitable. Equipment, labor, overhead, and revenue increase have to be considered before adding on new services. Otherwise we may get into a situation were we work more hours for less return.

    Also from a marketing stand point we cannot be everything to everybody.

    Some services you may want to consider are:
    Landscape maintenance, Shrub trimming, weeding, mulching and planting flowers.
    Landscape Lighting
    Lawn renovations
    Soil Testing & Fertilizing (if you don't do it already)
    Spraying " " "

  5. madmowingman

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    the farmer 4..
    good points..but..what happens if it doesn't rain? i've got equipment payments with no work.
    i already do all the lawn maintence...shrub pruning..fertilizing, spraying and not so much landscape maintence.
    i think it's important to diversify ..because lawn maintence is too weather related.
  6. thefarmer4

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    I'm not against diversifying. I'm just trying to point out that it can be good and bad we just have to examine our choices.

    You are not totally undiversified from what you have just wrote. Adding something like mulching and plantings might do the trick for you.

    As far as the rain situation goes we are attempting to setup all seasonal contracts and not charge on a per cut basis. That way we can forcast and hopfully count on a consistent income.

    If rain fall is low in your area irrigation may be a good choice.

    I know of a plumber in my area that switched to just irrigation he puts in about 150 units a year plus he has spring and fall maintenance contracts for some.

    We currently offer: lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, lawn and landscape renovations, we build a few walls each year and do a few landscape installations also.

    But most of what we do is maintenance work.
    Installations are nice when our economy is in a build phase but if that phase slows down there will still be a demand maintenance. Maybe not as much but better than if someone was specialized in installations.
  7. Jet boater

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    In our area, a few commercial cutters offer services to hang and take down outside Christmas decorations and lighting for the rich folk.

    They advertise with flyers in the paperbox.

    D. Tom

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