divits when i make turns

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lildog132, Jun 14, 2003.

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    I just bought my first 36" Scag commerical walk behind, it is belt driven, not hydro so it always makes these damn divits in the grass, and it looks like ****, so i had to mow one side, and then go across the lawn and mow on the other side, and then go on the other side and mow that. So im only having to make 90 degree turns and not 180, but this takes forever. Any suggestions you guys have to offer?? Oh yea, and whats a 3 point turn? or a K turn? i've herd people talking about those
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  3. PaulJ

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    Either make wider turns or free-wheel the inside wheel and pull it back while the other is still going forward. slow down in the turns until you get better at it. I make at least wo passes around the outside and sometimes three (when using the sulky) so I can make wide enough turns and am tight for turning space. The Key is to NEVER let one of the wheels stop. Always keep them both rolling just a bit and you should get any divots.

    Good luck
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    Do what Paul said. Slow down on the turns until you get good at doing it. Three poitn turns are the best turns without leaving divots but you don't have a hydro to go in reverse quick. With a belt you would have to stop and put the gear in reverse and it would take too much time. Always keep both wheels moving though.
  5. rodfather

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    IMO, trade in the belt machine and get a hydro unit as soon as you can possibly afford it. Yoiu won't regret...believe me:)
  6. tiedeman

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    even if you go slow you will still have the divits
  7. brucec32

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    Scag's Pistol grips may make it harder, but I've never had a divot problem with Toro belt drives, as long as I had room to make a tight circle turn w/o pivoting the inside wheel. And if it's too tight, I just leave the inside wheel free, and manually yank it around w/o pivoting as the outside tire drives around. The lighter the mower, the easier this is, of course. A pass around the yard afterwards cleans up any scuff marks and odd stripe patterns.

    No offense, but whatever happened to folks learning to mow well as an employee or subordinate of a more experienced person before entering the business? This is pretty basic stuff, but does take some practice. I know I wouldn't want someone learning on my lawn.

    I have far more divot problems with the hydro ZTR than the belt drive wb's. Even if I slip up and pivot a wheel, there isn't much of a problem due to the light weight and small tire.
  8. GarPA

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    With the saturated ground this spring even taking the utmost care I occasionally scuff the turf. Just have to hope the scuffing is minor. Its been a bear this spring to not leave marks
  9. RobH

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    I bought a 48" Scag belt drive W/B and I had the same problem. In fact, I posted a thread for help on this very same issue called "Digs on Turns with WB Belt Drive." Many of the responses talked about making a three point turn.

    Just practice doing it and I promise you that it will become 2nd nature after awhile. It does take a little muscle and a little effort, but you will be surprised that you can make perfect turns without digging up the grass. It can also be done rather quickly.

    However, when you are cutting in 3rd gear or higher you have to be careful when you start the next row because the torque of the tires will cause the machine to spin out and cause turf damage if you let off on the brakes two quickly. In second gear the tires aren't spinning as quickly. Again, with some practice you won't even be thinking about it.

    Also like BruceC32 said make a pass around the yard at the end to clean up the turnarounds and it also makes the stripes look better.

    I too wish I bought a hydro, but it was way out of my budget at the time. The machine does cut great. Good luck with it.

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