Dixie Big Wheel with a Honda engine


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Anderson IN
I have been hearing bits and pices about a new mower from Dixie that contains a honda engine. I know how reliable honda products are. So if any one out there has seen one or can tell me about it let me know.

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
It is called the XW2400 Bigwheel. I saw it, I drove it, I like it. It has 25 X 12 back tires on it like the XWD2600, the XXWD5000 diesel, and the XXW4000, a new frame design and color. Most important, it has a 24 HP Honda engine. It was started up and would rev very quickly compared to the Kohler engine. As most know, the Kohler command engine is very cold blooded, but the Honda is just the opposite.

From what I hear, there are so many wanting this machine that if you want one by spring, you better order it right now. They can't make them fast enough. I know of one guy that comes to the DC chat room that has ordered one and he hopes it will be here by spring, but it should be. I hope this helps.

John DiMartino

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No matter when you buy,it seems the next yr there is always something better-shucks.I really hatemy Kohler too,its the absolute worst thing about the machine.I guess Dixie got tired of all the complaints-Im glad that they have put a commercial engine in them now.I wonder how much one of those 24's cost?good upgrade to all these boat anchors,I mean kohler 25's on them now.