Dixie chopper 138 hours!!


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Hey guys! This is my first year in business and im looking to get a good commercial grade riding mower. I was looking at an Exmark Lazer Z 60" and was going to finance it for $8000 plus tax...but i currently ran into a Dixie Chopper with 138 hours on it with 27hp at a guy who was looking to get rid of it for $6000 im sure i can talk him down a couple of hundred prob down to around $5700. I was just thinking, i know that the exmark is a good machine because my brother has used one before and liked it a lot. Would you guys spend the extra money on the exmark and finance it or would the dixie chopper be worth the buy. Thank you guys any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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i have a 2010 exmark lazer z full size top of the line with 38 hours like new for a little bit more. if interested let me know im 15 minutes away from you in warren