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Dixie Chopper 50" deck roller divots


LawnSite Member
Madill, Oklahoma
My 50" DC mowing deck is scraping the ground when I make a tight corner. The front deck rollers scrape a divot in the dirt, making an ugly scar which remains for quite some time. I've checked my rear tire pressure, checking the deck to make sure it is level from side to side, front to front and so far I can't diagnose this disgusting problem by myself. I know everyone will say "operator error", and that is true with every machine operated misfunction, but I am in search of answers and possible solutions/remedies. I've carefully studied my turning techniques and am quite capable of keeping both wheels moving, without disturbing the soil. The reoccuring problem is with the front of the deck while mowing at 2 -3 inches. I appreciate all and any feedback. Bruce

Richard Martin

LawnSite Fanatic
Greenville, NC
Are the outside brackets for the rollers bolted onto the deck? My 60" Dixie did the same thing and I raised the bracket. Mine didn't do it all the time. Just when turning to the left uphill.

Beau Rivage

LawnSite Member
That happened to me...the bracket bent inward and when I'd make a tight turn the wheel would dig in and leave a scar. I bent the bracket back and there was an end to it. Easy fix in my case since the steel's pretty thin on my mower. Not sure what to tell you except...Good luck.


LawnSite Senior Member
Lincoln, Il
Two things to check, one: are there the right amount of shims/washers on top of your deck blades. If there not spaced right your cutting hight will be off causing the deck shell to run so close to the ground. I seen this before. Two: how high are you cutting. Some like to cut as low as 1 3/4" to 2" witch is very likely will scalp. Also with more use the hard rubber roller will get rounded off and not dig in as bad. My DC rollers are almost cone shaped.