Dixie Chopper and bagging help...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by davidslawncare, Sep 3, 2012.

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    Sounds like you have backup machines so while I understand picking a good dealer and all, Walker and GH are really top notch brands to throw away cause you dont like the dealer IMO. Especially since you bag so much.
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    I worked for a company about 7 years ago that had the stock bagging unit on one of their dixies for fall cleanup.

    The idea was to make a few mulching passes and then use the vac to pick up the remnants.

    It worked very well when the leaves were dry, but wet at all and you would get clogs. Ultimately you get that with just about any bagger unit though.

    Now, I will say that Dixie has changed their bagging unit design since then, so I don't know if there were any improvements made or not.

    Over-all I gave it about an 8 out of 10 on performance.

    EDIT: just went to the DIXIE site and noticed that I didn't see the unit that was used before. Originally it was a triangular, 1 yard stainless steel hopper with a lever release. Not the bag style that is on the web-site.

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    Around here the mower is only as good as the dealer. I would never buy a mower from someone who is really bad with customer care and service. It just doesnt make sence to. Sorry just my opinion.
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    Just seen that PECO has the hopper style bagger, might want to check it out and see if your dealer can get it.

    I personally don't think you will be disappointed by the performance, but it's not going to be the cat's meow.

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    To Dixie chopper Owners,

    I have owned a XF2500 60" Deck since 2001. I absolutely love the mower, however there has always been one catch to it, I couldn't get a bagging system. I have searched the internet for years, went through every grass catcher manufactory, made phone calls to dealers of Dixie chopper and Grass Catchers, all to come up empty handed. That was, until now. I want to preface this post with, I am a Dixie chopper owner, and have no other affiliation with Dixie chopper and/or the grass catchers manufactures.

    I made a call to Chris (631) 513-8387 at Grass Catcher Warehouse ( www.grasscatcherwarehouse.com), and he said he would build me a grass catcher for my Dixie Chopper XF2500. I sent him some pictures of the deck, along with important dimensions. He custom built me a Grass Catcher, and sent it to me, for around $230. I consider this a super value, and told him, since he went out of the way for me, that I would go out of the way for him, and make a few reviews on some forums, so here it is.

    I received my grass catcher, unboxed it with everything needed to install. It came with the grass catcher bin, a lid with locking mechanism, a mounting bracket, and 2 bolts. I aligned it on my deck, punched 2 drill holes. Drilled the holes, and placed bolts and tightened them down. Install took me less than 10 minutes. I used the catcher yesterday, and it worked great. I would just cut in my rows, until I started to see a grass pile in a line coming from where the catcher and deck meet. I would then go to my dump area, and clean out bin, then resume mowing and bagging.

    I had not cut my grass all year, because I wanted to get a bagger to catch the poa annua seeds. needless to say, my St Augustine was over 10 inches in places. The bagger didn't clog up, until it was full every time. The bagger full of grass, was probably 60 lbs when full. I made several dumps of cut grass, filled up 3x 55 gallon drums. My yard looks great, and I don't have all that excess grass as thatch build up not.

    I was very impressed with how well the catcher works. It is made of steel, so it is a little heavy, but my Dixie Chopper held it up fine, so no worries about that.

    I am just so excited that one of the best lawn mowers made, now has a company that will make a grass catcher for them.

    I will try and add pictures later, but in the mean time, if you own a DC and like me, have been searching for a grass catcher years, the search is over. Give Chris a call at Grass Catcher Warehouse. His number is (631) 513-8387

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