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Dixie chopper deal?


LawnSite Member
I have a friend that needs some cash fast and he is trying to sell some toys he has. He has a dixie chopper 50" 20hp with 300 hours on it. This mower doesnt even have a scratch. He is asking 2800 for the mower. Does this sound cheap to anyone else for having thses kind of hours?

Envy Lawn Service

LawnSite Fanatic
North Carolina
It might pull that on trade-in value... maybe...

Richard Martin

LawnSite Fanatic
Greenville, NC
It's a little low but if I was in the market for one I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I picked up my second DC last fall this way. It is a 2003 XT2800 60" cut, 28 horse EFI Kohler that had 29 hours for $4500.


LawnSite Fanatic
Good deal .....I'd jump all over that one.