Dixie Chopper Excalibur 74"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by qualitylawnlc, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. qualitylawnlc

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    Needing a new Big Deck zturn. Considering eXmark LazerZ AS 72" w/28hp Kaw for $8800 or a DC Excalibur 74" w/Generac (33 or 35hp, not sure) for $10,000. Any suggestions? I will say this, the DC is the most impressive LOOKING machine I have ever seen, but I've never used one. Have used eXmark LazerZ's.
  2. McCarty'sLawncare

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    I think D/C is a great machine as long as long as u do your general grease ups. I bought a brand new Dixie 50" cut I tested it today on a thick St. Augustine yard. Man I gotta tell ya I love it. I was gonna go with a Kawasaki instead they reccommended I go with the 25 hp Generac for long hrs of use.... Goodluck with your purchase....
  3. SpruceLandscape

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    have you looked at the new bad boy mowers? I'm in the market for a larger mower myself to purchase for next season and i'm having a hard time deciding as well. They seem to have a pretty good foundation and they have some pretty inovative features as well with the swing away access to engine, suspension options, etc. Just a thought, good luck

    DOLMARatOS LawnSite Member
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    If you want a big mower (72" plus) consider a diesel unit. Those big block gas engines gulp fuel like a beer chugging frat-boy. I'm a really big fan of the DIxie Chopper wide deck units with the Yanmar Diesel engine. Great fuel economy, ultra simple maintenance.

    Keep a grease-gun handy and use it every 100 hours when you change the oil. Run 15W-40 oil along with a half quart of lucas oil additive. You'll be able to run the unit for 2000 hours with no real troubles. The fuel savings are immense. Can run the unit all day long (10-12 hours) for around $30.00 in our area if you use off-road diesel fuel. Plus they are powerful enough to not bog down.....ever.
  5. David Gretzmier

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    the big blocks drink about 2 gallons an hour under load, and most 22-28 horse diesels are closer to .6-.7 gallons per hour. you can pay for the entire mower in 2000 hours on fuel savings over gas alone. they may cost 2 grand more up front, but you still will save close to 12,000 bucks in 2000 hours.

    I'd take a look at bad boy, kubota, dixie, all of them. get a good local dealer if you can.
  6. dhardin53

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    I was just in my DC dealer picking up a few things and he gave me a price on a new DC Extrema 60" 33hp and shocked me. list almost 9 grand he said I could have it for $6400 I think.

    The Extrema and Excalibur are the only way to go. The Flat Lander/Silver Eagle are not really commercial units.

    I'm not real a diesel fan, and know they will last and are the way to go but not had any experience with diesel repair. I do most all my own repairs and service so my dealer is great for parts at a good price.

    Grease gun and oil changes its so true. Many here don't fallow the service recommendations and have problems then bad mouth DC all the time. The 74" Excalibur is a great looking mower.
  7. Mowingman

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    I would hold off on purchasing any new model of mower from D.D for a year or two. Just about any new machine they introduce has design problems at first. This started back when they first introduced the silver deck machines. Since then, they can never seem to get everything right at first. Seems to me like they rush stuff into the market without thorough testing. Those might be great machines, but I would wait until the fix everything they missed in the initial engineering of these models.
  8. cpel2004

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    Yep but for 6500 i might have to jump on the Extreme model what a great deal.

    DIXIE RICK Inactive
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    This mower has been tested for over 3 years. I will say in the past we have turned a few thing loose early but not this mower its ready to go.

    DIXIE RICK Inactive
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    The flat lander is a commercial mower. The quote for $6400.00 seems about 2000.00 to cheap.

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