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Dixie Chopper Owners

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Eric ELM, Apr 7, 2000.

  1. Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
    Messages: 4,830

    If you want your OCDC to stay up all the way with out holding it and pop back up all the way when you release the handle after closing it, I put the directions for the modification on my Website today that I have field tested for the past 4 seasons. It is on the OCDC page, bottom link on my Website. Picture included.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.townserver.com/elm/&quot;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<p>
  2. gene gls

    gene gls LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,213

    Eric: Got your snow plow ready??????
  3. Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
    Messages: 4,830

    Gene, it's ready, but I am thinking we may not need it. I am ready for summer now. We have about 1.5&quot; now, but it's not sticking on the roads much yet. Said we could get 3 to 6 with 40 to 50 MPH wind. It looks like they may be wrong.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.townserver.com/elm/&quot;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>
  4. Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
    Messages: 4,830

    JRCO Tine Rake: I noticed a thread on Having problems with a JRCo Tine Rake cleanup. I realize my information wouldn't help him, but it may help Dixie Chopper owners.<p>I use a 5' JRCo in front of my Chopper for dethatching and go over it at one angle with the blades running cutting at 2.5&quot; and the OCDC Closed, which chops up the thatch in small pieces. I then go over the lawn at the opposite angle and open the OCDC, which chops the thatch even more and spreads it out very thin. I use this method on what most consider above average lawns and I have had no complaints on seeing excessive thatch on their turf. It sure beats picking up all that thatch and once it is raked loose from the grass plants and chopped up, it decomposes and becomes dirt. I realize you can charge more money picking it up, but when it takes at least twice as long to do it and then have to haul it all away, do you really make more?<p><br><p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.townserver.com/elm/&quot;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>

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