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Dixie Chopper price check!!!


LawnSite Member
central Indiana
This question is for all you Chopper fanatics--That includes Eric and myself, but I want some feedback other than myself. I just purchased a new 2000 60" XW2300 for 7,900. Does this sound right?? Actually I thought it was a fair deal. What do these go for where you are from??? Thanks!!!


LawnSite Senior Member
Anderson IN
Not to Bad, My dealer sells XF 2500 60' and XW 2500 60" for $7,999 + tax which = $8,400 all togather.

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
That sounds like a great deal to me. That same machine around here goes for another $1000. I think you got the right engine too, I've heard the 23 HP is about as powerful as the 25 HP, but it holds up. :)

The closer you live to the factory, the cheaper the shipping. Most dealers around there just go pick them up on a trailer, but if they are shipped a long ways, they crate them up and the cost of crating is a lot more than most think. It also takes a while to uncrate them too, so I think this is where you are getting the good deals on them there.

T. Cagle

LawnSite Member
The more stock the dealer carrys the better deal he can offer, my new machine is a XW2303. 7495.00