Dixie Chopper Propane Mowers

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    PROPANE (LP3000)

    If only someone could create a lawn mower that would utilize less-expensive, alternative fuel options, ease emissions concerns and still offer the productivity needed by today’s lawn care professionals ... Well, Dixie Chopper already has. Meet the Dixie Chopper LP 3000 -- the first and only production propane mower in the industry. This is no cobbled-together conversion kit, but a mower built with a 990-cc engine designed for propane use from the start. Yes, Dixie Chopper is again building tomorrow’s mower today. So invest in some timeless value and let Dixie Chopper save you some real time and money with the LP 3000. Go green for the environment ... and your wallet.


    Reclaim your lawn kingdom with the Dixie Chopper Xcaliber -- a lawn mower fit for a king. The Xcaliber’s 74-inch deck -- featuring an overlap for enhanced quality of cut -- is the industry’s widest. Its new design transfers extra horsepower from the drive system to the deck for greater discharge capability and an unrivaled quality of cut. Springer forks are standard on all Xcalibers, along with a redesigned OCDC and a 12-volt adapter for your MP3, iPod or cellphone. Powered by a 33-hp Generac engine, the Xcaliber is built with the same speed, quality and reliability that come standard on all Dixie Chopper models.

    Iron Eagle

    The Iron Eagle, the newest zero-turn mower in the Dixie Chopper lineup, is a tough, compact unit. Powered by a Kohler engine (in 20, 23 or 25 hp), the new Iron Eagle is available in 44-, 50- and 60-inch deck widths. While not a commercial-grade mower, the new Iron Eagle includes some of the same rugged features that professionals use every day. With a lower price tag, the Iron Eagle continues to set Dixie Chopper apart from other competitors on the zero-turn landscape.


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