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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NORTHMAN, Mar 15, 2008.


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    People seem to either love them or hate them,I'm not sure where I stand yet.I spent some time reading Eric Elm's posts,he seemed like a great guy and he loved Dixie,the guys with them how do you like them?They seem to be built for speed,how do they work on hills(they do seem to sit high).The Classic seem to me to be about the best choice because they offer the Kohler engines.Why did Dixie go to the electric blade engagement?
  2. nathan D.

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    I like them but people do get in a lot of accidents.They do ok on hills. Really i would also like to know Why did Dixiego to the eletric blade engagement?
  3. Toad

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    I had the privilage to post with Eric Elm, he was a Dixie fan for shure. He is the reason I bought a dixie. They are great machines, no question about that. Tough as nails . I just think alot of guys look at ergonomics and they have fallen behind there, sad to say, but when you still have the same looking machine after 20 years you have to wonder what else they may have missed.
    I think the electric blade engagement was to clear up the foot room on the deck. Verry annoing that big arm sticking through the floor, and also pressure from retailers to change.
  4. nosparkplugs

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    I would disagree on that, I gave the Dixie Chopper a look, and you cannot convience me that it's a well designed machine, for wide open area's I'm sure its one of the best, My first impression was how the#&*%@! is going to fit into a residential yard/ small commercial account, not to mention the trailer space they take up. Very limited sales here in Memphis, 1 dealer I HATE THE DIXE CHOPPER

    NORTHMAN LawnSite Senior Member
    from NJ
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    There's no dealer in my area either,I've never seen a DC.I thought the manual blade engagement was one of the neat things about the mower.How does the electric engagement affect the use of running double blades(something that Eric Elm seemed to like)?I could care less what something looks like,I care how well it works.They do remind me of a monster truck,but i sort of like the way they look.
  6. mag360

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    I don't think they are any bigger than other midmount z's. Are you thinking of grasshopper?

    I like the stainless steel panels on those things. Never owned one (no dealer support here that I'm aware of) but one think I really like about the design of some of their z's is the fact that they push the rear track out to the full width of the deck. This minimized scalping and leaves a really clean stripe. I looked at a demo model (not sure which one) with a 60 inch deck and kohler motor and the hydro system really impressed me. It was very responsive without being too jerky and had an aux hydro cooler with electric fans over the pumps---just the right amount of overkill.

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    They look like a garage built mower,look @ scag...............itz a opinion don't throw tomatoes @ me.
  8. nosparkplugs

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    No I am not confusing a Dixie Chopper with Grasshopper, you cannot tell me a Dixie Chopper is known for it's "narrow" design the DC Classic is 76" wide with a 50" deck?. The Dixie Chopper Residential model is 48.5" wide. I lost many a account with my SCAG Tiger Cubs 48" velocity decks, due to their width: SCAG Tiger Cub 48" deck 60.5" wide. Maybe a good wide ope area mower, it's by no means a Narrow design. Please spare me the good hillside stability.
  9. Hip2u77

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    Um. . . The 50" DC is only 54" wide. You're reading the LENGTH!

    Which brings up a point. . .

    I've been reading these forums for a long, long time, and one thing always stays the same. There's always a handful of people that are nothing more than tire kickers or website browers that always slam the DC's. It's been that way since day one.

    Frankly. . . if you haven't personally spent AT LEAST a few days on one the you don't have the experience to tell anyone anything about them. Period.

    I spent a few years on them and during that time we tried out an Exmark Laser, a Scag, an Encore Prowler and I can't remember the other, but it was green. Either a JD or Lesco. Anyway, we always kept going back to the DC's.

    I believe the company I worked for now is up to around 5-6 DC's and one or two Wright Standers for some of the residential accounts. They've been around since '85, so they're not some fly by night company with no experience.

    Speaking of which. . . not sure why you're losing accounts with the Scag, as we never lost any accounts over using the DC's. Yes, we used the 60" DC on EVERY yard it would fit, regardless of size. We even canceled some accounts as their fenced back lawn took too long with the 32" Encore. On some others we even installed a double gate for them, for free. Time is money and people understand that.

    Anyway, Eric knew what he was talking about and loved the DC's for a reason. They do what they're designed to do in a fast, reliable way.
  10. tacoma200

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    I'm just not crazy about the looks but they run them here with out any problems. The guys that run them say they really like them and from what I've seen of the cut they do well even on our tough low quality grasses. Not my favorite mower but I cant really knock them. Hills are not their strong point, mowing fast in open area's is one though. If you like the looks and handling I see no reason to rule them out as a choice.

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