Dixie Chopper Realtree?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. tacoma200

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    You don't see ZTR's like this everyday. What would customers think? I'm not a Dixie fan really but it looks OK but I wouldn't want to do commercial work with it. But then again it might go over well in this area???? Gun racks are extra $. I could see how a homeowner that's a real outdoorsman getting one.

    Just joking guys (gals), just thought I would post it. Just an interesting pic. At least there's no astro turf on the floor pan.

    Camo Dixie.jpg
  2. capelawncare.com

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    Why on gods green earth would anyone buy a camo ZTR? I bet it looks very stealthy on the green lawn LOL
  3. DLCS

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    Dixie Chopper buys into all the latest gimics. Used to be the Orange County Choppers, now its Camo ztrs:dizzy: . I saw a Dixie Chopper truck pass through town today( he was just passing through no dealers will carry DC here), anyway you couldn't tell if the truck was owned by DC or orange County Choppers. From the looks of the truck you would think they owned Orange County Choppers too, didn't they have the bike built almost 4 years ago, time to let that one go.
  4. swingset

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    I'm waiting for the Ferris Tactical Model 3100Z, in flat black with T&E mount for a .30 cal MG on the front, run flats and up-armor. It'll put this hick machine to shame. To shame I tell ya!

    I wonder if the Dixie comes with a pre-beer stained wife beater?
  5. General Landscaping

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    At least paint the wheels in flat black.

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