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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Shane7258, Mar 29, 2006.

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    I went today to look at and buy a new walk behind or a new ZTR. I went to Dixie Chopper first and I am so you know in the market for a 36-44 inch mower that cuts good speed doesn't matter to me especially 13 MPH. I have all small residential cuts. Ok heres why I did not buy a dixie chopper
    1. I tried to tell him speed did not matter and he raised his hand for me to shush, and went on to compare a craftsman to a dixie chopper

    He blew it all right there! I had my checkbook with me and could stroke a check for anything times two in the store.

    I have done my research and know Dixie Chopper is a nince outfit, but I a professional am comparing them to hustler not to craftsman. He was an idiot and lost the company at least 5200

    I just bought a new Hustler 37 inch hydro with side catcher and sulke I stroked a check on the spot and will pick it up in the morning after I get my acessories attached and cleaned up.

    Sales you win or loose with the wrong or right word... to treat a business owner or anyone like an A$$ just looses money for you and the comapny.
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    Dixie Chopper is a company in trouble ...they dont listen to the customer , they dont have a real engineer on the payroll and the Evans family is disfunctional. You bought a Hustler and you made a good choice.
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    Well that post is almost 3 years old!!!

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