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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Ol'Man, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Ol'Man

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    Do any of you guys or gals replace the stock rear tires on your choppers? I keep tearing up turf in my turns.This is my first ztr and the problem is probably me. Can anyone describe a three point turn. Thanks.
  2. The Rookie

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    Ol man, I have had the same problem with my ztr when I do a true zero turn. I have never understood terms seen on the internet such a a three point turn, or a "Y" type turn. I have, however, learned to turn my ztr with minimal turf damage. At the end of the row, come to a complete stop slowly, then slowly go 90 degrees a couple of feet, then complete the turn. I know this sounds odd as it is hard to explain, but doing this will keep you from twisting the turf from the ground like the inside wheel does during a true zero turn. It is almost like if you were going to mow stripes with an old fashioned riding lawnmower. Hopefully someone who can explain this turn better can follow me up.
  3. Prime Cut Lawns LLC

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    Just don't "spin" on the tire. If your going to make a right turn...Pull back on the right leaver "a little" to keep the tire from digging in; while your pushing the left one to finish the turn. It's not quite a true "zero" turn but it's close. I tore up some turf with my Grasshopper the first few times I mowed with it. (Knobby tractor type tires) but I don't any more.

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