Dixie chopper vs hustler for residential

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tgraves_cs, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. tgraves_cs

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    I am in the process of looking for a mower just for my own use mowing about 3.5 acres (with lots of trees). I have it down to either dixie chopper or hustler. Both dealers will give me great service. I'm looking at these because I want something that is fast, cuts good, and will last.

    I was leaning toward the dixie chopper silver eagle 25/50 or 27/60 over the 19/54 fastrak, mostly because I like the seperate driver pumps and speed of the dixie and I was worried about the 19 horse not being enough. But with the spring deals going on with hustler I am looking at the mini Z 19/52 kaw and the hustler Z 25/60 kaw.

    So is the 19 horse of the hustler enough power?

    I have demoed the dixie 25/50 and the mini z, but haven't tried the hustler z yet.

    Any input is appreciated.
  2. tacoma200

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    I actually didn't like either choice. If we have a crabgrass outbreak you'll need a trimmer guy that can run 15 mph behind the Hustler to get the stragglers. Good luck though, except for being week and missing a little grass they are a very comfortable machine and well built from what I could tell. Hopefully you will get the newer deck they are shipping for Northern type grasses. Maybe that will get the cut up to par but you are going to have a very weak mower with the 72" deck especially on hills. Not too bad on the flat.
  3. tacoma200

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    19 hp wasn't enough for my 52" grasshopper. A 25 hp 60" should be adequate on a regular Z but not a Super Z. Make sure you get a deck on the Hustler with the triangles on the back of the deck. They are suppose to update them.
  4. Tight Angles

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    I guess if your gonna buy a dixie chopper for your own use it would be fine. But for using them everday all day long, they don't hold up. I have 3 of them and they all suck now.
  5. dhardin53

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    I think both machines are will suited for your application but I lean to the DC for its engineering and having a history of being built bigger stronger than most units. Plus there speed and easy of operation. Definitely try both out be for you buy.

    Tgraves where in Illinois are you? If your close you can come buy and get some time behind my DC. I mow big acreage and do run a DC so I'm a little prejudice to DC but we did have a Hustler dealer her for while, but they closed. and I have run a smaller Hustler for a test and can not really say anything bad about them but if your mowing around a lot of trees on that big of a lot I feel the DC will out last and I have found parts are some what cheaper on a DC

    Thats always a good test I ask the salesmen? How much is a (complete)replacement deck spindle. I have found Dc is a bigger heavier unit and most the time cheaper to replace.

    Power wise i say go with the bigger motor, you will see feel the difference over time. for your application id go with the 25hp 60" deck. If at all possible get the Extrema not the Silver Eagle. But there is a price difference.
  6. tgraves_cs

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    I live in the country near Champaign, IL. The dixie chopper dealer let me demo the dixie for a couple days and I got a pretty good idea on that. I only tried the hustler for about an hour. I wish I could have tried them the same day side by side. Maybe I'll try to set that up.

    Thanks for all the input.
  7. tgraves_cs

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    sorry hit post twice...
  8. CRF500

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    That is the thing you had better hope the DC parts are cheaper than a Hustler because it has about three times as many part's to go bad!:laugh:
  9. CRF500

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    If a Hustler will cut your kind of grass get a Super you will not regret.

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