Dixie Chopper with two engines

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by IHusky, Apr 8, 2009.

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    The crew that cuts the yard at my control tower uses this 72" Dixie Chopper with two engines. I finally got the around to snaping some pics. I'm not sure what size engines it has, but they look to be fairly large Kaws. Its hard to see both engines in the pics but they are side by side. Not to familar with Dixie. Looked at thier website but didn't see this model. Sorry about the picture quality but I took with camera phone. This thing is a monster.


    Here's the engines, hard to see the other one but they are identical, side by side and looks to share the same air filter.


  2. South Florida Lawns

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    That's an older mower for sure. They had twin Kohlers on them. 40 something combined hp.
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    If I remember correctly there was one like that for sale on here a couple months back in 2008.
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    they had one at the mower shop i go to. guy had blown one of the engines. tht thing is a beast for sure
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    I thought the Hp was in the 50 ish range maby twin 25's??? Fivestarlawn had one of those beasts!
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    i think there in the 20 ish range for around 40ish for complete hp
  8. Ben's Landscape

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    WOW that is one beast of a mower!!!
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    wow thats a BEAST

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