Dixie Chopper XF2500 60"

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    2000 Dixie Chopper XF2500. The mower has 1369 hours. Hour meter reads 569 b/c the last one failed at 800 hours. The mower is in excellent condition. The mower has a new deck as of 200 hours ago. Everything was replaced with the new deck - spindles, pulleys, everything. This cost 2k! The mower tires are in excellent condition. One new Turf Boss as of last week. It has two fairly new front castor wheels that are foam filled and will not go flat. These were not cheap. The machine has been well maintained. It has had the oil changed every 50 hours. The hydros were serviced at 500 hours and 1000 hours. Air filters were maintained also. The Donaldson air filter really keeps this engine healthy. Also the micron oil filter was changed at 1000 hours. This machine cuts grass comfortably at 13mph. The 25 kholer has never given us many problems. The muffler was replaced about 100 hours ago. The compression was tested and was close to 120 on both cylinders, so the motor is as strong as when new. The price is $3500. The location is Macon, GA(central GA). You can reach me at 478-972-1014 or pm me.



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