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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn DOG, Jun 29, 2001.

  1. Lawn DOG

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    Today I picked up a Dixie Chopper XF2500(flatlander). The dealer was supposed to have a XW2500 but had a XF2500. He said there was no difference but the XF2500 was a little faster. After trying it out today, I was very disappointed. The controls (vtc) are very jerky and have alot of play in them. The ride was very bumpy but I let some air out of the tires(6lbs) and this seem to help. It is difficult to mow near buildings at slow speeds and get up curbs. The deck height adjustment is hard to use. It is very fast but almost seems to fast. I am worried that it is made for larger properties that are flat hence the name flatlander. Most of the properties that I maintain have lots of curbs and are about 2 to 5 acres. Please help shed some light on this. I don't know if the XW2500 would have been any different or if most of the characteristics are the same.
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    as far as the differance between the flatlander and the XW goes there arent to many...just the wheel motor, the XW is designed for climbing hills and the flatlander is designed for speed. The sensitivity of the controls are touchy depending on what u were using before, if it was anything with hydrulic dampening then there going to seem really toucky, but u will get used to them and be able to far out cut other mowers. as far as manuvering at slow speed, u will get used to that too. The new lifting systems are a pain in the but, i was cunfused about that slider thing when i first got mine. as far as curb if u arent doing so make sure u approach them backward the machine handles them fine then
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    As fivestr19 said, the difference is the smaller displacement in the wheel motors which makes them faster.

    As I said when I chatted with you about this, you probably have not opperated a ZTR without and steering dampeners, so it will take some getting used to.

    Backing up a curb at a slight angle makes the curbs easier. As you said, you have 4 hours on it, after a weeks use, you will have it down pat.

    The extra speed of the Flatlander doesn't have to be used. Mow the speed you want to mow, but if you need to get somewhere fast on some smooth surface of some sort, let her rip. :)

    I don't mow full blast all the time, but at least I have the option if I want it.
  4. John DiMartino

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    Lawn dog,I have an xw2500,it was jerky at first too.Pretty soon you'll be trimming smoothly without giving it any thought at all.You are right about the ride,it is jerky,mostly forward/backward pitching constantly-even on smooth pavement.I dont even bother trying curbs,these mowers dont do them well at all.I tried a few times on a 6" curb,I drug the deck every time,no matter what angle I backed up it at,so Im not going to try them anymore without boards.Your 2-5 acre propertys are perfect for the Dixie.I hated mine for a month when I got it too.
  5. Lawn DOG

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    Thank You for your response guys. My other ztr does have dampers so this is all I have to compare it to. Also my other one has a floating deck so it does not scalp bumpy lawns. The delima I find myself in is that almost all of my commercial accounts have curbs everywhere and are bumpy. The chopper is not curb friendly. The other things I mentioned I think I will get used to. At least most of my residentials don't have curbs.:rolleyes:
  6. John DiMartino

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    Lawn dog,I too only do commercial,and I have to go around all the curbs,it is a pain..I think if you are cutting below 3" regularly ,the Dixie is not a good choice due to scalping problems.If you remove the 1/2' spacers from the spindles,then drop the deck 1 notch,the cut height will stay the same,but the anti-scalp rollers will hit 1/2" sooner,so it will help with scalping a lot.If you are like me at all,you will never be happy with it,just to many defects,and a very outdated machine for how much it costs.

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