Dixie Chopper xwk2501

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by modc, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. modc

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    I have put a deposit down on a used DC xwk2501. Can anybody please tell me about this mower. It has a Kawasaki motor. Year, HP, problems, what to look for? I am only paying $2000 for it. It seems a little rough here and there. The hour meter is not funtional. The guy says it uses a little oil and he has it set a 3/4 throttle permanently so it will not over heat. Any info would be helpful. Thank you.
  2. Phil G

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    Don't know about this machine but, do go cautiously. $2000 takes a lot of earning. There maybe times when 3/4 is not good enough for the job in hand. Do you have someone to check it over more thoroughly with you. Why not use the 2k as a down payment on a newer machine. This one is no good to you if it fails in the near future. You could spend as much again keeping it going.
    tab Phil :)
  3. BigFish

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    They are designed to run all day at full throttle (3400-3600). They are not supposed to overheat at all. Sumpin' is wrong!!!!!
  4. sawman65

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    its an 2001 it has the kaw. on it you said? dont mess with it when dixie and kaw teamed up it was the introduction of the fh engine by kaw. they had so many problems with them it was sad. i had 5gal. buckets of coils laying around the shop at any given time. and engines that only had 500 hours on them that were junk because of upper bearing failure.and they dont offer a short block. they refused to cover many under warranty.and for that dixie and them parted ways. most of them did not make it 5 years. dixie had all the dealers put kohlers on even the new ones on the showroom floor were reworked. they did not want dixie chopper to be said with kaw. in any way shape or form
  5. The mayor

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    I have a 2004 with the kawi. Never a problem. There is 1900 hrs on the machine now. That being said if you can't run it at full throttle something is wrong. Take the 2000 bucks and spend it elsewhere.

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