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    I am familar with Sarasota, I had a business in ST.pete for years. Gainesville is different than Sarasota but for bahia they are awesome I here the new Scag velocity may be better from a dealer in Miami but the rest of the mower is way better and cheaper than a Scag. The Hustler cut best if you mow low. On tall St Augustine at 4 or 5 inches the XR 7 deck does not seem to have the vaccum to stand it up like my Exmark and not leave a few straglers but on short cutting the machine is vastly superior to my Exmark. Way more comfortable,mows way faster and leaves no stingers.

    I bought the Hustler because I landed a account where you are mowing 8 to 10 hours straight with the Super Z it will do it in 6. It is a account that only gets done every 2 weeks in the summer of bahai with 2 foot stingers. They could have more powerful engines on the Super Z which they are working on but a 27 on a 60 is good as long as you do not have huge hills but this is in Gainesville the grass is thinner here. The mower will knock down 2 week old bahia in one pass going 15 MPH with only a few stingers left standing. You just hit a few small patches here and there at 15 MPH when going back over it and it is done. You have to slow down in real thick areas but on Bahia cut short it is AWESOME! Way faster and way better than any other mower I have and I have alot of them and have used alot of them.

    I have used Dixies and they are good but no where near the design, ease of maintenance, durability of the Hustler. As soon as Hustler puts bigger engines on these things and start making regional decks for each area the competition better wake up or be in big trouble. I have only got 400 Hours on it but I can already see how little care the machine requires to keep it going just belts which only take 2 minutes each to change a little grease and occasionally tighten it down.

    I mow alot of retention areas where most machines would get stuck but with the spped of this thing it stays on top of the mud and skips over it and we crash into things going full bore and the just doesn't dent at all really tough as nails. It will take even more abuse than my Lesco and Scag Hydro midsizes I couldn't believe it but it will. Best equipment buy in my opinion!
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    The hydraulic system on a dixie is NOTHING like other machines,there are three lines to the wheel motors. The third line provides a constant flow of oil to the wheel motors,even when the unit is setting still.No other machine that I've seen has a Quad Loop System. You normally only see this type of
    hydraulic system on machines with 100 H/P or more. My present Dixie has 2800 hours and has never been back to the Dealer!!!! I've replaced the throttle cable twice.My dixie also has a Amsoil External filter as well as the filter on on the engine,it also has a additional Oil cooler. I also would FIRE someone that used a machine as if they were in a Demolition Derby. My dealer sells other brands of mowers,so they can keep there Service Department Busy. I also Designed and Built Hydraulic Towing and Recovery Equipment For 25 years before I was in Lawn and landscape.
    (Just my 2 cents) Macgyver
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    Amen someone that Knows what they are Talking About!!!!!!!! Macgyver

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    I do not know about the quad loop sounds good. My machine has been to the dealer 3 times and fixed on the spot all 3 times. The lawn business on some of these commercial accounts is a demo derby I try and buy machines I believe will take it. The Dixie chasses is archaic in my opinion.

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    I just talked to my Dixie dealer he claims they are selling well and invited me come try a new proto type 74" cut with a 33 HP Generac. He says he has used it and it is good. He said as far as the Hydralics go they were real close in comparison to the Hustler. Does Dixie use a fan on there setup?

    The guys in the shop were the ones laughing at the design of the Dixie compared to the Hustler. One of them has used a 72 diesel quit a bit and said it was a mowing son of a Bit ch but said the machine got you filthy and said the design of the chasses was dated. He said it was the fastest and most powerful mower he had ever used by far but quirky compared to the Super Z.

    I will probably go get the new tunnel 74 and try it for a couple of days who knows I may want one after that. I just try and keep my machines the same brand.

    Everybody says they are good so they must be I just do not like some aspects of them.

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    Take a 60" 28hp EFI for a demo,
    The 74/ 33 is more of a Farm Machine/ Highway machine and overpriced
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    Thanks for the info, The biggies this I think that Hustler is lacking is HP as stated here in this thread.
    If they offered a better 30+ HP 66" mower I know I would properly buy it over a Dixie for just the fact of build quality.Now if they would just price there diesel mower in reasonable price range!

    I think the Dixie's way of having "bicycle chains" for a deck system is just a joke, but on the other hand the quad loop system and the Amsoil filtration system I know are great and hold up for the long hall.

    My dealer doesn't even know that the 74/33 exists, what is that mower going for?
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    Dixie uses twin coolers mounted above the engine. I know they work because if the wind is coming from the rear I can feel the heat.

    You can do what you want to a Dixie chassis (frame). If you do somehow manage to break it just take it back. It has a lifetime warranty. I actually prefer a frame that is built of steel that hasn't been stretched and fatigued by bending it to a shape. My 60" uses 6 pieces of 1" by 2" square tubing that is welded on the front to another piece of 1 by 2 and at the rear to a piece of 4 by 4 1/4" angle iron. The frame does have some give in it but I've never heard of anyone damaging one.

    Yes, they can be quirky no doubt about it but once you get used to them they're hard to get rid of.
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    If your guys are constantly hitting things then you may want to take them to Lens Crafters, and or have someone walk around prior to mowing. Dixies are great mowers, but they are an acquired taste. They are the Enzo Ferrary of mowers so to speak. They are made to s*** and get with no stupid frilly stuff. And they do it quite well. But they are not made for everyone. They are designed around an experienced opperator that cares, not some seasonal stunt driver.

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    These are proto types of a newmower not yett realeased. My dealer is real high volume so he has connections. My dealer said come on by and try it for 2 days. It is called a tunnel deck. I already have 2 60 inch mowers so my next one will be a 72 or bigger. I believe a 28 EFI is plenty for a 66 Hustler. I have talked to people in Tampa who own them and say it is like a 60 27 or better and I feel that is good.

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