Dixie chopper ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnMowerKing10, Nov 24, 2006.


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    Some of these commercial accounts are brutal when you do county work.
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    Time for a demo!!!!

    My Exmark is 27\50 and is has over kill power, but thats the way I like them.

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    Had A Client Call The Other Day And Said Great Job On The Lawn. I Don't Know How You Got Through All The Leaves Or Where They Went But The Lawn Looks Awesome. Not Once In Our Conversation Did He Say How Old Or Dated Our Dixie Looked. We Pride Ourselves In A Qaulity Job Done Right. I Have Never Had A New Customer Approach Me And Say That Mower "looks Cool" Come Over And Tackle My Yard. Sure There Not The Best Looking, Who Cares They Produce Day In And Day Out With Few Problems. The Mower We Used On This Property Was A 1999 60"/22 Kohler, 4500+ Hrs(original Engine), Original Wheel Motors And Pumps. P.s. This Mower Has Seen More Than 10 Operaters!!!!

    I Stand Behind Them!!!
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    I was just looking at a Dixie today, don't get me wrong I will demo a new 74 to see if 34 HP is enough to run the deck so when Hustler builds a 72 34 I will know if it is powerful enough. I do not care how it is in operation it has what looks to be about twice as many parts as a Hustler. The machine is not of a clean design at all. It does have a return on the wheel motors which is good. The mower is so much harder to service and work on and looks to be spindley made in comparison. Of course the front of the deck was banged in and the front end looked like if you tried you could tear it off. Man I can beat my Hustler like a moto X bike and I cannot see a Dixie taking that kind of abuse way to many weak areas and parts to break.

    This is my opinion and what do I know? The machine compared to my Hustler as far as design goes looks like a piece of crap. Everybody says they are good but you will not catch me buying a new one. These machines go into the same category as Lesco which is 50 cents on the $ for one that is almost like new!
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    I can appreciate your opinion, after all it's your money you're spending. This however I must say...

    If you think a Dixie is hard to service and work on then I wholeheartedly recommend that you never even look at mowers like Exmark and Gravely. I have worked on those too and the Dixie is a dream to work on compared to them.

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    It is like I said what do I know, everybody else says they are great but you will not catch me buying a new one!
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    I know that i do not put as many hours on my machines as most of you do but, we mow cemeteries. There is no tougher, bumpier, more difficult ground to mow. I do not claim to be an expert here but have used many different mowers out here and cannot even compare any other machine to the Hustler. We have one Gravely left from the last guy that was here and it is the worst machine i have ever owned. If the cost is all that matters maybe Dixie is the best way to go, but if you want quality of cut, and care at all about the quality of life for you back and kidneys BUY A HUSTLER. They are also by far the easiest machine to service which has to be a consideration. oh yeah the also have a $99 striping kit that makes you properties look like baseball fields

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    Don't forget to mention the Z 2!

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    I actually saw a 60" hustler today, 28efi. Some Mexicans had it at a Lesco. I took a look. Reminds me of the Scag Turf Tiger(Tried them). Machine looks good. Seems very low to the ground, good for slopes bad for eyesight. The Mexicans said they liked it except the electric blade clutch had gone bad, lol.
    Same as the Scag I used to own. Other than that they said it cuts good and fast and blades last long(thats how they said it).
    I will say the seat was very comfortable.

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