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Dixie Chopper


LawnSite Member
Deerfield, VA
Anyone have any thoughts on the Dixie Chopper? I was considering their machine before I bought the Ferris. They have a big 35 hp diesel, 72" cut as well. My impression was it was built minimally, frame wise, and lacked a lot of finishing detail. I also didn't like the fact it had no suspension whatsoever, even the front was rigid. My choices were the Ferris IS 5100 Z for $14,900 or the Big Dixie chopper for $13,500. My feeling was the Ferris blew it away in frame, control linkages, and overall quality. The Ferris has an enclosed engine compartment, with 1" foam insulation, the Chopper had an exposed engine and was LOUD!



LawnSite Member
East Texas
I run a Dixie Chopper and have had no problems with it, I think you can find stuff you dont like about any equipment. The noise does not bother me, I wear a set of radio head phones to help pass the time.