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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NORTHMAN, May 10, 2007.


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    I've been thinking about a new mower,I have a SCAG now and will probably buy another one but I'm curious about Dixie Chopper?I've read the past posts by Eric Elm and he swore by them,said they were tough,simple and reliable.I've read that people say there bad on hills and crude by todays standards,whats the truth?I like the fact that they have manual blade engagement,the ability to use double blades and if the other things about tough,simple and reliable are so than maybe I should consider one,but they better hold a hill and be able to deal with rough ground.The fact that they can go 15 MPH dosen't matter to much to me but being able to cut tall,wet grass/weed mixture does.What do you all think?As of now I still see a Wildcat or a Turf Tiger.
  2. prostriper

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    The only way to get the answer to if it is right for you or not is to demo it.
  3. CRF500

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    My dealer sells them and this is my opinion the machine is not that tough and not that simple.One really good selling point about the mowers is they have a great extended warranty program and if you are the kind of cutter who mows alot then it is a good deal but compared to the Huster they sold me the Dixie is well lets just say you would not catch me buying one new for retail.
  4. DixieChopper88

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    i have a 27hp 60" and it does great on the hills and the rough terrain, have not tried any other mower mainly because dixie has been fantastic for me.
  5. DixieChopper88

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    i have a 27hp 60" and it does great on the hills and the rough terrain, have not tried any other mower mainly because dixie has been fantastic for me.
  6. tacoma200

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    The Dixie doesn't have a good reputation on slopes but it is a simple seemingly reliable mower. The new Turf Tigers run 12 mph, faster than you would normally cut, so is 3 mph that important? I'm not sure Indiana is a good place to test a ZTR on hills. From what I hear they are great mowers but will scare you a little on slopes.
  7. prostriper

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    I do have to contradict Tacoma here a little. Indiana is where Dixie was born and raised. But they are a discovered taste. I haven't ran a new Dixie ( the last Dixie I ran had a chain drive) but they are an acquired taste for the most part. You have to learn them before you can make something of them.
  8. tacoma200

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    I was just stating that Indiana isn't necessarily the best place to do hill testing. Noting against Dixie. I just read hundreds of post and the general feeling is that Dixie is not a hill mower. Here's a picture of some of the more mountainous terrain in Indiana. Yea, I know there are some decent hills in the Southern part of the state but this is more typical.

  9. dhardin53

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    One of my commercial accounts is a city contract that I mow abandoned property. Today i mowed yards that was there first mow for the summer. I'm talking 14 to 25" deep grass and weeds, and a mess. I walk each property and pick up the trash but cant get it all. My Dixie Chopper just eats it up. My DC is 6 years old now a 23hp 60" older black deck. You just cant believe what abuse it give this machine in a days time like today. Then I just lower the deck a bit and mow the Court House lawn and it looks great.

    To answer your question, There are a lot of good machines out there today but really you cant go wrong with a DC. There aggressive, overbuilt, with plenty of power to the wheels. This extra power/tork is what some refer to when they say that Dc is difficult on hills. Or they don't like DC because there ugly is my favorite. But DC is built to mow not necessarily look beautiful. Aggressive lug tires and a true 60" wheel base are some of the other attributes

    After people see me mow the most disgusting yards in the neighborhood many have to stop me and check out what I use. And the 2 engine oil cooler, 2 engine oil filters, 2 hydro cooler and filters as well, plus 3 air filers. Makes for a mower that if maintained properly will last a long time. All in all the extreme conditions that I mow over the past 4 years is a true test of any mower bar none. But like i said there are others that can do what I demand but from my experience I just hate to spend the money on another machine and find Its not able to pulverize a small paver block and not flinch. I will flinch but the DC wont.
  10. Richard Martin

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    I'm a believer in DCs too. I'm on my second one now (I got a really great deal on it) and both the old one and the newer one have been literally flawless. The one exception seems to be that both the black deck and the silver deck have troubles with crabgrass.

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