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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by conrod, Nov 11, 2011.

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    Parts and the uncertainty of the companies future would be my concern...but yes in the real world I would think the price is a little stout...but you never know for until the engine etc is given. 60 can be idea for commercial or larger estates but yes has a limited market - especially in Windermere were you are at - a majority of the lots are really really small.
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    If the mower is as you describe, $3200 seems like a good deal for the mower and trailer.
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    I agree after 10 years, parts become a problem and This mower can be subject to down time while hunting down parts. But if your yards average 2 to 5 K this is not the mower for you. The 60 inch chopper was designed as a mow & go machine on large properties. As the seller said he bought it to cut 3 acres not 3 thousand sq ft. Why beat up on a guy trying to pay the rent if the machine doesn't fit your needs??

    Is this set up worth $ 3200 ??? Maybe. Will it sell for for $ 3200 this time of year in this economy?? Unfortunately Not. Those experienced businessmen who have the cash money are looking for Newer models with Service centers. Those start up guys don't have the cash money.
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    Its a 98 parts are easy to find You get parts for a newer one and will fit on the 98 DC didnt change much between 98 to 2005 reson I know this is I have a 95 and a 2005 the parts interchange One thing about DC They found a design that works and never changed it
    That good far price on that DC if you was near me I might buy it

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