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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Summertime77, May 3, 2014.

  1. Summertime77

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    I don't see a lot of posts about Dixie Choppers on here. I've noticed most posts are related to Scag or Exmark. No one care for the Dixie's?? I am just a homeowner but looking for that professional cut/quality mower so I purchased a Dixie Magnum HP. I am having buyers remorse wishing I woulda purchased something larger. I was thinking of upgrading to a Dixie Classic, but after reading these posts I think I better take a look at what Scag has to offer. Are the Dixie's not know for quality machines?
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  2. southerntide

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    People have them down here but I have no idea where they take them for service, the dealers moved out long time ago Gravely dominates in my area, even with a huge John Deere dealership put in place 1/2 mile away targeting my small local Gravely dealer.

    Nothing runs like a deere unless its diarrhea down your legs lol
  3. JCLawn and more

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    Dixie is mentioned now and then. Snyder lawncare has I think 8 of them. The reason why they are not mentioned is because few guys want to put that much money down on them. Once get over 10k you are kinda in an exclusixe mower club it seems like. Dixie has one the best finish cuts in the industry. I run kubota and you won't many who run one. I would say Dixie, kubota, exmark, john deere all pretty much tie in finished appearance.
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  4. Greg78

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    We got a Dixie Chopper Classic and really like it. Have just hit the 600 hour mark with no problems (knock on wood). It is a much more comfortable mower IMO compared to our old Exmark Lazer. Will add another one in the future. The cut is online with Exmark and does it at a faster ground speed, at least on our turf grasses down here.

    IMO dixie has one of the most durable cutter housing/spindle assemblies.

    FYI Dixie has 3 levels of mowers:

    The classic is in the industrial line.

    Dixie Chopper was recently purchased by Jacobsen. Seems like they are aren't going to make a lot of changes, which is a good thing.
  5. zspeed130

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    What issue are you having with your dixie? I have an XT 3300 and it is a BEAST. Pros. Comfy, fast, durable, not very finicky never bogs down, very quiet,

    Cons- average cut quality at best in my opinion, I have worked hard to set mine up right an on fine fescue wet grass it just leaves something to be desired, doesn't stripe great, comfy ride means you sit high and eat lots of tree branches,
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  6. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I have 10 owned 12 all Classic models All bought under 10k Been riding them since 1985
    Mine cuts well and stripes really well with out stripers
    What model do you have maybe I can help you get a better cut
  7. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    If you cant service your own mowers then you have a problem
  8. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Dixie Choppers are Top of the line

    When Scag was building walk behinds Dixie Chopper was building the Classic Models same design you can buy today

    DC is one of the Leaders in the ZTR

    A Scag wont ride and cut like a DC
  9. TPendagast

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    One of the keys to dixie chopper (by deliberate design by Art Evans) was/is that Dixie choppers are the easiest commercial lawn mower to self service. most of the necessary parts can be bought at napa.
  10. GMLC

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    We have one LCO with a Dixie around here. His work looks just ok. I know a few guys on LS have made modifications to make them cut good. I would like to try one someday to see for myself. We have some tough cutting conditions around here. If its not raining the dew is so thick it doesnt burn off until noon sometimes. Scag, JD, and Gravely cut the best around here.
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