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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tom715, Feb 13, 2004.

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    Does anyone have a Dixie Chopper with the Generac engine? My local dealer is trying to sell me one and Im not sure if the Generac engine is any good. What is your opinions of the engine and if any of you have problems with it or have problems getting parts for it. I heard its a Chineese engine and I am kinda sacred to buy A Chopper with that engine on it . If it is a Chineese engine, I would hope parts would be avaliable for it in the future.

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    Private Message me with your email and ill show you where to go to get your answers.
  3. Richard Martin

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    Ewww.... A Chinese engine.... I don't think so but I may be wrong. I do believe they are made in Wisconson. Dixie Chopper believes in the Generac to a large degree. So much so that they are contracting with Generac to make a Dixie spec and labeled engine in the near future.
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    The Generac "Guardian" engine is designed manufactured in Whitewater Wisconsin. Yes, many parts are globally sourced, but to Generac design standards. Currently we are the largest Mfg. of air-cooled industrial engines over 750cc. Dixie stocks all parts and handles all warranty claims for the engines on their products. The part supply is managed by both Generac and Dixie so your Dixie dealer will never hear the dread words, "its on backorder".
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    Get a Kohler , I have a Genrac that lasted 330 hours before expiring . Its in the shop now getting a new motor . I can't tell you how many times it has sat on the trailer because it won't start . It eats starter fuses . The voltage regulator wiring fried . I was loaned another Genrac Chopper when my other mower went down ,on steep hills ,mowing up and down, it started smoking like you would not believe , this motor had 200 hours . They suck oil through the crankcase into the breather .
  6. Jerry L

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    Lawn Tek,

    From the sounds of your experience I would say you need to have a couple of things looked at on your particular machine. The first is the starter. If the body of it is black you need to have it replaced with the Delco starter (gold body). The wiring may be getting hot from: A) a bad starter, B) a poor B+ connection at the regulator (try crimping on a heavy duty female spade). C) a poor ground, make sure there is a jumper wire from the regulator body to the engine block.

    Hard starting can be caused by two things. The first is the self relieving choke. Try removing the plastic cover and winding the spring clockwise one revolution (wind the tail closest to the carb body, its easier). The GTV990 engine has such strong vacuum pulses, that it can cause the choke to open during cranking. the second condition could be a weak flywheel magnet. If winding the choke doesn't help you can easily test for a weak magnet by doing the following procedure.

    1. Remove and inspect and dry the plugs, gap to .032", Check compression 120 to 140 for GTV760 is good, 160 to 180 GTV990 is good. re-install plugs.
    2. Crank the engine full choke, full throttle, until you are confident that it should have started.
    3. Remove the plugs, if they are wet, the magnet is weak. If they are dry check your fuel shut-off solenoid operation.

    Regarding the smoking loaner mower. In 2003 we re-designed our breather system to eliminate smoking on hillsides. All 2002 engines will have a tendency to smoke at angles over 20 degrees, these are the "Red" Generac Guardian engine's. In 2003 Dixie changed the engine color to "Gray". The Gray engines where improved to reduce vibration by up to 40%, the breather system was improved, and a new Denhi carb was used to increase engine response and HP. A new Heavy Duty Delco starter was also introduced.

    All 2004 Dixie's will feature new higher output coils and the voltage regulator location will be moved for improved cooling.

    Both Generac and Dixie are constantly monitoring the performance of the Guardian engines. Each year we have and will continue to improve the design of the Guardian engines. I hope this reply will help you get your machine back to making you money, and give you a better understanding of Generac's dedication to building the finest most powerful air-cooled engines available.

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