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Question? I've got a couple of Choppers. My 98 has 3,500 hours on it. I follow a good maintance schedual, so far I've replaced 2 belts and one spindle bearing. Question is how many hours can a guy expect an engine to last before rebuilding. I dont want down time and am reluctant to take the hit on a new machine but a Kohler maint. rep. told me today he has heard of guys getting 2,000 hrs. before an overhall is necessary. Thats about 1,500 hours ago for me! The machine runs good great cut-as good as my 2001. By the way it's an XW-2200/60. Any experence rusabrowning@msn.com or this form.

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Welcome to Lawnsite.com and it is good to hear you got so many hours out of this machine. I have the same thing with 3,236 hours on it and I have a 2001 XWD2600 with just 325 hours on it. My dealer has one, now this is an exception, that has over 6,000 hours on it and he has only done a valve job and rings on it. He has had machines come in with over 4,000 hours on them with nothing done to them.

The key to longevity is the Donaldson Turbo Air Cleaner and the Amsoil bypass filter. Since it filters out dirt down to 1 micron in size and keeps most dirt out of the engine, your engine could last many more hours. I have been told the same thing, it should last 2,000 to 2,500. I feel like I'm on borrowed time too. I think Kohler is talking about motors in general, without all the extra goodies that the DC's have on them. I also have just replaced the bearings on one spindle, but they were loose from the get go on that one.

I am planning on giving trying it another year since my dealer has new motors in stock and the new wiring harness for the 23 HP. I could be back on the lawns in a couple hours if it blows. I would just find out if your dealer has one ready for you in case you need one and run it til it goes. All you have is 4 motor mount bolts, the coolers and unplug the wiring harness and it's out of there.

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In the past ive let dealers talk me into
trading high hr motors just because of
that.If she got good compression and not
using oil.Run it til you wear a hole in
piston.Mabe you can set a personal record.
This can happen with excellent maintenance
and a motor well matched to machine.


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I agree i have a friend with a scag turf tiger he has over 4000hrs and still uses it. He did buy and new turf-tiger last yr,but his other one is still going strong, when i told him about the 25hp Kholer problem he just laughed at me and said Hes always run Kholer and has never had those problems you hear about on this site. I couldn't agrue with him hes been cutting for 20 plus yrs now, Im just going on 8 this season. Well anyway i would keep on going, if it goes it won't take long to replace. Marks Mowing Service

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