Dixie Choppers and Generac engines ???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SMOOTHCUT, May 2, 2006.


    SMOOTHCUT LawnSite Member
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    Now I,m looking at the Dixie Choppers. A friend of mine bought one and loves it. I tested one yesterday and was impressed. It had a 30 HP Generac engine with 50" cut. I don't read much about them on this site, why not?
    They seem to be well built and very easy to service when necessary. Ran good -cut good. What about them Generac engines? They are designed for continuouse run use on generators. Also the dealer was a top notch lawn care guy before opening the business. He cut full time with them, 16-20 yds a day. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. qualitylawnmanagement

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    I own one and love it. 30hp on a 50in deck, are you sure it's not a 60in deck?

    SMOOTHCUT LawnSite Member
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    25 hp Generac on 50" cut

    SMOOTHCUT LawnSite Member
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    Which mower do you have? How long? What kind of problems? How much do you cut?
  5. ACEMowing

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the Generac really a Briggs and Stratton. I was thinking Briggs owned Generac... and from I've seen of the engines, they look like a Briggs Vanguard. I know the cheaper Briggs and Generac power washers and generators are the same as I have seen them side by side.
  6. The mayor

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    Not the same. I know alot of people that make the Generac engines...That's why my dixie has a kawasaki.

    SMOOTHCUT LawnSite Member
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    You say you know a lot of people who make the Generac. I don't understand cause Generac is an engine company just like honda, briggs, ect. Also, they are offering a 3 year warrenty on the engine. You think it may be a bad choice? It is the only choice I have on the Coatsville Classic with 50" cut.
  8. Lawn-Scapes

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    I have 2 72" DC with 32hp Generac. Other than one blowing a hole out the side prematurely.. no problems. I love 'em.. never bog down. 30hp is a lot for a 50" deck IMO.
  9. SWD

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    I field tested two Dixies for Turf magazine back in September '05.
    Both had Generac motors, for more details (the article is kind of long) - acquire a back issue of the article.
  10. sdwally

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    I was under the opinion that Generac engines were B&S since I had to do some work on my Generac generator, the parts that I bought from the Generac service center were B&S parts. The manufacture's plate read Generac, however the model, type, and code # are identical to B&S.

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