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    It is very hard to understand your typing. I have nothing against the 28 Kohler EFI, but you can't get service around here. I don't know anything about the Kawasaki's you speak of. Thats about all I can answer your spelling and grammar are so bad I can't understand it.
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    Some of you are posting thinking I don't like EFI engines. I have nothing against them. I live in a rural area and just can't get service at this time.
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    He's missing the whole point that you are trying to make. While it's old technolgy in cars, truck and boats, it's relatively new techology to mowers. If your dealer is not equiped to diagnose and service an EFI engine what ever benefits that EFI might bring to the table is lost if it breaks and you have down time. Down time costs you.

    Now as far as user vs design failues they are equally as costly. Down time is down time. If it's faster to service your carb yourself or haul an EFI into a dealer to get fixed then it makes more sence for you to stick with fewer parts, easier maintence and a more cut and dry system. If you don't wrench on your mowers and you always take them to the dealer and your dealer supports EFI then great that is a better fit.

    Tacoma you can stop trying to justify your points. The rest of us are getting what your saying. :)


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    The biggest thing was the hydraulic system difference. Which in my oppinion sets mowers apart. Dixie chopper uses a 2gallon tank. With bolth sides of the hydraulic double filtered and seperate. So if one gets contamaniated the other one dosnet. Hustler only used one filter, hustler had small lines running to the pump also. But they are covered for lifetime so thats not a supper big deal to me.

    Compared to my dixie choppers the hustler was way under powered. Which ofcourse they will be compared to DC, thats one of our big issues is to make engines powerful. The kawi on the hustler was verry quite compared to our generiacs. But the generiac has way more power. And this is comparing a 25hp kawi to a 27 hp dixie. Bolth with 60" cuts.

    The hustler deck cut nicer then the choppers. The chopper is still a good cut just not a high end comercial cut like the hustler super Z offers.

    I have never been a big fan of suspension seats, This is pureley my preffrence and I know this, Im a big guy and I usuauly max the seat out so its just a normal seat to me. Kinda my fault tough lol.

    Dixie chopper has a lifetime warranty on the front forks, front caster berrings, stainless steal, drive handles, and frame. Hustler only had a lifetime warranty on the frame.

    Being a dealer who works on mowers regulary there is no way anyone can say that the hustler is more accesable to work on the the dixie chopper. If u put up the seat on a chopper everythign is right on top with no guards over it. In no way shape or fourm can anyone say that hustler is more accesable the the chopper.

    Also on top of the deck, dixie chopper uses MUCH MUCH heavier spindols then the hustler. Plus the top of dixie choppers deck is flat with fan baldes on the spindols to keep the grass blown off of the top of the deck. That is what weakens belts faster is all the heat of the dead grass. That was a downside I noticed. But as far as haviness of the deck they were exctly the same. Bolth 7guage decks with a double top plate. Dixie choppers deck guide wheels are mounted better, Mowing comercial you would have less of a chance to bend or break the wheel on the choppers.

    The deck lift on the comercial hustler is better imo. But as for dixie chopper sivler eagle series they are the same as hustler comercial deck lifts.
    The hustler was nicer with the whide front wheels to where you can push the machine righ up aginst trees and stuff. With the trim side of the deck sticking out farther to allow for better trimming around objects. This is a plus hustler has. I also liked how hustlers air filter has the air flow meeter right on top of the finter so the user knows if they are getting good air flow. Dixie chopper dosent have this. As far as the electric clutch goes on the hustler. You either like them or u hate them. Im not going to say good or bad.

    The hustler did have bigger gas tanks which is nice. As far as traction with the tires, its raining here right now and I gave the hustelr a test and it still did pretty good on the traction in wet grass and still cut great. The turf tires are wide and flat and imo leave a straighter line then you can with the choppers tires. Dont get me wrong the chopper tires are great. But stopping and backing up a hill the chopper has it beat. The hustler wouldnt grab and get traction to climb back the hill. But still no serous complaints on the hustler traction.

    But bolth machines have thier good and bad. Im still serously concerding selling the hustler line. I did love the cut quality on them. And thats all the comercial market around here wants is cut quality. And the have a good walk behind where dixie chopper deffently lacks in that department. Plus hustler has a low end mower that will out sell the gravley line. Which dixie chopper misses out on sales there. With dixie chopper cheapest mower being over $5,500 MSRP. Excluding thier walk behinds.

    If u have any other questions about choppers feel free to ask.
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    Thanks! That's it, no service for EFI where I live.
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    I understand exactly where your coming from about the mismatched pumps and motors. I wish my Hustler was geared (wrong term I guess) more toward power than speed. I understand Dixie is coming out with a new deck.
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    It is nice to get a good comparison from someone that operates and pays close attention to detail of different machines. The low profile and wide stance of the Hustler looks like it would stay on slopes better than the Dixie, what do you think? I have had 4 Super Z's and the hydraulics have never given any trouble and operate very controlled and smooth, how do they compare to the Dixie? I have the 28 efi on the 66" XR-7 deck and I would love to have more power but I like the efi, just wish it was maybe a 35 efi instead. I turned against a root last week and broke a bolt in the anti scalp wheel and that is the only problem I've had with a scalp wheel but something had to give with the weight of the mower turning against the wheel bolt. The cut is very good on a shorter cut which is what I do most of the time but at top speed on a higher setting it is not a good smooth cut. It will handle wet grass a little better than my other Super Z decks but no mower really likes wet grass if the truth be known. The only thing I personally would change about the Super Z is to add more power and have it cut cleaner at the higher settings with the faster speed other than that the handling and ride are about as good as I quess you can get on this type mower. How is the ride and handling on the Extreme, that would be the only one I would want if I ever went to a Dixie Chopper.

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    Honestly ride to me on a dixie chopper is smooth with less bounce then the suspension seats. They have a fixed seat on all modles and the high end delux seat they use is dang near 10" thick. So even thogh its not a suspension seat it has a lot of give and travle to the seat cussion.

    I did like the ride on the hustler alot, The low stance impressed me with the low hanging branches that im allways dodgeing on my choppers I didnet have a problem with them on the super Z. Which I guess I just need to trim my dang trees.

    I do not have alot of experience with the EFI's. When I frist became a dealer I talked to another chopper dealer from TN and he said that the kohler EFI's which was back in 04 were nothing but a headache, so that really scared me away from them. I sell 95% generiac motors.

    Ive been in business since 04 and havent had to go inside of one generiac yet, I guess im just lucky. When I mowed comercial I used kaiws, Im a big fan of kawis but these generiacs are more powerful with less problems and cheaper in the long run. I did her some questions about part avaliablity, I havnet ever heard of this being an issue from any chopper dealer and I keep in touch with alot of them around the country.

    Id say mowers in general are more preffrence then anything, everything on the market has its ups and downs. But for the money, your not going to get anything built stronger or who has the factory support like a DC has. I do hear bad DC experiences. They had some deck problems in 04 and 05. In 06 they steped up and changed the deck to correct the streaking issues they were having. They are a much needed improvement and as far as 07 goes they havent told anyone a word yet. They are holding everythign till the expo.
    Im guessing they have something big under thier hats. We will see im verry exctied.
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    IIRC, the DC uses ONE tank for the entire system. One filter or two really isn't a big deal. Just costs more when it's time to replace. Hustler is 2gal as well.

    When is the last time these items needed replacing under warranty? All manufacturers lifetime warranty items that DON'T break. When's that Stainless steel going to rust?

    Actually, they are quite similar in this aspect. Foot pans and seats tilted, you can get to a LOT on both machines.

    I don't know what "spindols" are, but if you mean SPINDLES, then I beleive your mistaken. They both use 1" spindle shafts. Hustler has a 3 year warranty on theirs.

    Deck thickness....not many machines beat Hustler in deck build and construction. I know DC has changed their decks a bit from when I had mine, but I know they still only use a 10 gauge deck. Hustler uses a 7 gauge deck with an 11 gauge deck plate doubler, and then rings the spindle areas in another layer of 7 gauge. The 11/2" x 1/2" deck reinforcing ring is all the way around on the Hustler.

    Hustler needs to work on the gauge wheel attachment system. If they would copy eXmark with the bolt/insert idea it would be bulletproof. A 1/2" bolt is just not enough.

    I'm not trying to bash DC or you MODIXIE....just trying to point out some of the misconceptions.

    There are a lot of "good" mowers out there today. I try to educate myself to the fullest on ALL brands and then make a decision.

    There are still a lot of things that I had issues with on my DC that are still made the same way today. IMO, DC needs to ENGINEER a completely NEW mower from scratch. Incorporating ideas from other brands and implementing them with todays design and technology.

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    To correct TLS on many comments. Dixie chopper uses a 1 1/4 SPINDLE shaft. I miss quoted myself being in a hurry dixie chopper has a 2 1/2 gallon hydraulic tank. That was my fault im sorry. Hustlers is not a 2 gallon Im looking at it right here in the book its a one gallon or 3.79 liter. As it says right here in the hustler book im reading Which also has 1- 40 micron filter DC's have 2 40 Micron filters Also on your super z's you only have a 1.9 qt to a 2.1 qt engine oil tank. DC's have a 3qt engine resavuar, WITH a 1 micron engine oil filter that holds an extra qt of oil. A one micron filter will filter out cigar smoke.

    And yes our decks ARE 7 guage with a double top plate.

    For the liftime warranties. Caster bearings will go bad, Front forks will break, and its never an issue on a DC even if the unit is transferd between owners.

    Any further questiosn.

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