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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GameDawg33, Aug 14, 2006.

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    humm.,.news to me!
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    o.k. so i dont spell well and my gramer ain't to good but i can work on a engine that has fuel injection its only been in use for the last twenty years not on mowers mind you but you do drive a car or truck dont you? and soon that will be all that is out there. the software is available and i am sure you have a laptop?if a dumb a$$ redneck like me can do it so can you

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    I think it is good DC is making a better deck, last time I looked at Choppers years ago the deck was to flimsy for my liking. I never even took them seriously because how generic looking they are.

    I know they are good mowers and I hope DC is serious about stepping up to the plate and making better products because a dealer a ways up the road told me he quit ordering them for the floor because everybody was switching to the Hustler. This guy said the Chopper was a good product but all the big companies in his area were phasing them out and switching to Hustler's so he will do a special order if the customer wants one. He said all in all the people who were buying the Hustlers and getting rid of the Choppers felt the Hustler's were a better product so you all should be concerned to say the least.

    I agree with TLS if Chopper feels they are going to sell alot of units by selling a product that looks like the Dixie does they are in for a rude awakening!
  4. lazer 46

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    A Dixie Chopper dealer brought a chopper out to a lawn that I mow today. He insisted the other day that I demo one of his machines. I was at his dealership the other day with a friend who needed parts for another piece of eqyipment. We started talking ZTR's and I told him I was an Exmark man but not thrilled with my new Triton. So I demoed the Chopper today for an hour and a half while my lazer sat on my trailer. I liked nothing about this machine. Didn't like the controls,didn't like the ride. The cut was ok. I had to put the heighth indicator on number 6 to get it to cut like 3 inches. I'll stick with my Lazer, even if it is a Triton.
  5. TriCountyLawn

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    Commerical Propertys - Dixie Chopper

    Residential Propertys - Hustler or Exmark

    REALSLOW LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hustler just needs to step up and find bigger motors for doing tougher cutting. I looked at a Snapper Pro looked like a nice mower?
  7. Lawnworks

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    I don't think Dixie or Hustler makes are really durable unit. I have both. I am going to try a Scag next. They look pretty indestructable.
  8. Richard Martin

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    I'm not a big fan of changing something that works (probably the reason I like Dixies) so I'm not going to get excited over the prospect of a new deck on Dixies. As proof that a new deck can be difficult to get right just look at Exmark's 2 newest mowers, the 26 and the new Triton decks. I have heard no one say a good thing about the 26 and there are a lot of complaints about the Triton deck. Dixie actually introduced a new deck a couple of years ago (painted silver instead of black) and while it did look the same at first glance a peak under the deck revealed some big differences. The purpose behind the changes to the Dixie deck was to increase the stripping ability. Unfortunately they messed up the airflow and spent quite a bit of time working with customers to get it right again.

    The good side of Dixie's newest deck design is they have a few different mods that can be done to the deck that can literally customize the deck to almost any cutting conditions. My deck has the nose cone baffle added and some of the rear discharge baffle removed, all with factory blessings. Cuts great, I think I'll keep it.
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    Here we go... :rolleyes:

    Yes, they've been saying this for years...1-1/4" effective diameter spindle shafts. I have one sitting right in front of me...2" base and a 1" body, just like many others. They still take a 1" bolt to secure the pulley, and they still take 1" bearings.

    I see listed by hustler...1.5gal (Z), and 2gal(SuperZ). Also uses one big 25 micron filter.

    The bypass filter has it's benefits, but I haven't missed it on my recent machines. I run the BIG filter on the engine.....~2.5 qts total.

    That your going to have to proove. YES, their top plate is 3/16" (7 gauge), but I'm almost positive that they still use a 10 gauge deck. (If DC used 7 gauge, they'd be advertising it all over the place)

    DC is having front forks bend. Tough to bend 1/2" steel on other manufacturers. Never had a caster bearing go in any mower.

    :nono: :rolleyes: Please humble yourself.
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    You made the coment and I quote "i am not going to have a war of wits with a unarmed man". Not the nicest thing to say to a fellow Lawnsite member so I gave you a dose of your own medicine. I am being pegged as anti EFI when I'm not. But the engine has a two year warranty and I want my dealer to service it during that two years and maybe longer. The dealers around here just don't like them so I just chose the carb for now. I'm really not interested in working on EFI engines right now. No hard feeling, just giving you a hard time because you gave me one. Being an electronic tech on some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world when I was in the Navy makes me a little angry having someone tells me I'm unarmed in the tech department. Some things I'm not allowed to talk about to this day. I repeat I have no problems with EFI technology but I want a motor my dealers are comfortable working on. I live 100 miles from a major city but I can get a carb worked on anywhere. Some of you are so defensive about your mowers and engines. I still think they have a few issues to work out on EFI engines on mowers so I'll wait. The other guy made me a little angry telling me the basics of engines as if I didn't know. I started a post about EFI vs Carbs so lets see what people are saying. I bet the EFI have a few problems to work out still but we will se. Lets be friends and forget this. Just a misunderstanding between us.

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