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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GameDawg33, Aug 14, 2006.

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    I have 2 Dc's both 10 yrs old with well over 4000 hrs on the units.I have replaced one engine but that was my fault. They still have the factory wheel motors and pumps on them.The only gripes I have are the decks and weight balance.Over all they are the best on the market(imo).They will go just about anywhere.Some say they aren't good on hills but depending on the tires they are as good or better.The guy running the mower has alot to do with how a property looks more than the mower I think. I like the stainless steel myself. I think it looks cool when its clean. Why change something that works.
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    I bought my x2503 50 2 years ago here is what Iv'e had to deal with.

    1. @ 45 hours - Deck chain master link broke.

    2. @ 50 hours - Starter solenoid went bad.

    3. @ 75 Hours - Solenoid again.:angry:

    4. @ 90 hours - Blew read valve in motor had to rebuild.:angry::angry:

    5. @ 115 hours - Solenoid and starter replaced.:angry:

    6. @ 140 hours - Deck pedal broke had to be replaced.

    7. @ 170 hours - another solenoid replace.:angry::angry:

    8. @ 200 hours - left brake cable broke.

    9. @ 220 hours - right brake cable broke.

    10. @ 250 hours - choke knob fell off.

    11. @ 280 hours - starter problem finally fixed.:clapping:

    12. @ 400 hours - right fuel tank split at bracket.

    This is a love hate relationship. I love this mower when it is functioning properly, but have had way to many problems for less than 500 hours on this machine. It has all the power you could ask for and more.

    I can say that everything but brake cables had been handled under warranty and my dealer has been great in fixing these items quickly. But my warranty is about to expire and I am concerned about the upkeep costs in the future.
    I am seriously think about selling this unit and look for another brand this is more reliable.
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    1/2 of your problems are not machine specific. They are engine specific....Had your engine been placed in any other machine, you would likely have the same issues.
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    ist ok i can be a bit of a a$$ sometimes but at least i can admit it. i think what that other guy was trying to say was a internal combustion engine is an internal combustion engine the fuel delivery systems can differ but its all the same. i am the manager of the bigest dealer in my hometown and have employed many tech's. from what i have seen it takes the guess work out just plug it in and let the program do the work
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    Ya, that's what the dealer told me. Tried to get them to lemon law it, but dealer said allot of problems are over the motor and DC says that is not their problem. That kind of upset me, they are the ones selling the unit with that motor. That would be like buying a new car and having several problems with the motor and the dealer telling you that your stuck with it.
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    So what equipment do you have to have for EFI and what is the cost for a dealer to be able to service one over a regular carb engine. I'm sure you have a code reader and software but I'm clueless other than that. Why do you think so many dealers shy away from these engines?
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    I had eXmark pull the same thing on me back in 2000 so it's not limited to DC. I ended up paying for a repair to a brand new mower... The first dealer couldn't fix it and the second dealer charged me to repair what the first dealer screwed up. This was on a 36" Metro with less than 10 hours on it.
  8. Richard Martin

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    Two things come to mind on your question.

    1: EFI is Black Voodoo
    2: Ignorance is Bliss

    A lot of problems with the Kohler (Bosch) EFI can be troubleshooted with nothing more than the service manual. In fact it's easier to do basic tests on Kohler's EFI than it is to do on any car ever made. You flip the key on and off 3 times and then on and the EFI goes into Key On/Engine Off test routine which tests all of the sensors. If there is a problem the EFI light (on the front panel next to the ignition switch on my DC) will flash the codes. I check mine occasionally and all I ever get is a code 61 which is "All Clear". If a code other than 61 shows up look it up in the manual and proceed with repairs.

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    Every time I looked at a Dixie deck it looked like thin junk to me. That was the main reason I never bought ,I could see myself with a hammer beating it out on a regalar basis.
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    Sawman said they were easy to diagnose if you had the equipment and software and I was really wanting to know what you need and what it would cost. Part of the reason is the dealers around here dont want to fool with them so I was also checking if price of the equipment might be the reason. I'm sold on EFI as soon as I can get someone to work on it around here. It was a heads up serious question. I was thinking you needed a code reader and he said something about software and I'm wanting to learn since carbs will be obsolete in a few years. Thanks..

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