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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lacebark Boy, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. Lacebark Boy

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    I'll put my opinion out there and see what happens. Dixie Choppers are the biggest pile of defecation on the planet! I maintain a small fleet of them for a large school district in Oklahoma City so I have a basis on which to form an opinion. The problem is they use old technology with their numerous chains, pulleys, brackets, idlers, springs, tensioners,etc. If a modern ZTR mower doesn't have all these parts then it stands to reason that they aren't going to break. Please tell me why Toro and Scag etc. can do the job without having to use these troublesome parts. I think D.C.'s are made more for selling parts for profit than for profit at the time of sale! Also their advertising seems to brag about how fast their machines are. They boast 15 mph. mowing speeds but I would like to know where it would be safe to mow at that speed. It would have to be a perfectly flat soccer field with very sparse, short grass. It just doesn't make sense. I would like to hear other folks opinions on this.
    Thanks, Lacebark Boy
  2. dannyc33

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    I agree. They're ugly, overated, over priceed, and underpreforming POS. In central Indiana they're everwhere from the big companys the the solo operators, they make up at least 75% of the Z's around here.I think think this is because they're made here, but who knows. And their brochure is the most unporfessional one I've ever seen. They are truelly the mower for the hillbillies and rednecks with an idiot spinning a basketball on his finger and a Dixie Cjoper sponsored NASCAR on the back.
    However, they do an ok job with developing new ideas with the 50 hp turbo, dual engine mower, chain kit, dubble blade bracket, and flex deck. But I've never seen any of these uses, execpt for a hand full of chain kits.
  3. Richard Martin

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    800 hours on my Dixie and I have not had one single part break or fail because the part has worn out. It is original right down to the belts. If you don't like pulleys, brackets, idlers, springs, tensioners, etc then I recommend that you avoid the Toro. They are loaded with them. More than a Dixie.


    Have you actually used a Dixie or are you just saying these things?
  4. Lacebark Boy

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    Yes ----, I have used a Dixie Chopper quite extensively and I also own a Toro Z-Master 255. I stand by my statement. As an example of what I am talking about look at the belt engagement system on the D.C. as compared to the Toro. The D.C. uses a hand operated overcentering device that looks like it came off of a 1962 Sears Craftsman or a Western Auto special. This is connected to several brackets with bushings that wear out , there are also several springs, pivot points, links, etc. The Toro uses one electric clutch to accomplish the same thing, as does most of the other manufacturers.I think the mfg. of D. C.'s even think they have too many tensioners because they came up with an engine jack screw to tighten one of the belts. This looks like something a pimple faced high school punk made as a vo-tech project. Face it ----, Dixie Choppers are the " AMC Gremlins" of the lawn care industry.
    Lacebark Boy.
  5. msd_woody

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    I'm at a little over 2500 hours on a 1995 machine and I have only changed fluids, filters, spark plugs, blades, and a broken throttle cable. Everything else is original.
  6. cuttingchris

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    if im not mistaking dixie builds machines for toro and then sells to to toro
  7. Richard Martin

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    Okay, let's look at this another way regarding the blade engagement. If all of the blade engagement moving parts were to wear out and need replacing on the Dixie it would cost what? 30 bucks to buy the parts? And the blades would still work while you waited for the parts.

    If the same thing were to happen to your Toro/Exmark it would cost what? 10 times as much? They don't give electric clutches away you know. And there are a few bushings and springs associated with the mule drive that Toro/Exmark uses. And your mower is down while you're waiting for the clutch.

    And what's the big deal with the T-gear box belt adjustment? Once every couple of years or so you loosen the engine bolts and turn the adjustment bolt a few turns. Big friggin' deal.

    Dixie only built a few ZTRs for Toro/Wheelhorse way back when.
  8. xxwd5000

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    from iowa
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    I have 2 d.c. and they will be my last! If d.c. couldn't rape you on replacement parts they'ld been out of business along time ago.
    Just this year on my 2002 5000 I'v had 3 cooling fans, 2 spindles, 1 wheel motor and this is on an $16,000.00 machine. I think they do a wonderful job mowing, and their striping is untouchable but thier warranty is poor and if you haven't ran a 5000 then you should - because if your back is ok then it won't be when your done. This the closest thing to a bouncey ball there is. I don't mow 1 property that you can honestly run it wide open because you can't stay in the seat. I don't like to cut products down but they need to do some serious redesigning of their entire fleet.
    Examples : ability to hold slopes, seat hight, on diesels look where they located the radiator. you constantly having to clean the cover screen. and they have to be buying the cheapest seats on the market. you couldn't keep a set of bottum seat springs in them if you tried. I don't know i will replace them with but i have demoed enough other brands this year that i know they are about 15 years behind. and then try to trade them off- you just as well pxxx in the wind because all they do is laugh at you.
  9. crazygator

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    As a past DC owner I will not say anything but I am not a DC owner now!

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