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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by klineslawnkaren, Oct 21, 2003.

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    Does anyone out there use Dixie Choppers or have any experience with them? If so, how do you like it and what do you know about them? I'm leaning toward a 50" with 25 Kohler (depending on how much leaves I suck up)
  2. TLS

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    Do a few SEARCHs. The SEARCH button is up top of the page.

    Having had only a few types of mowers, although having access to a wide range of brands. And with my having both a Dixie Chopper and Exmark Lazer back to back, gives me the authority to state the following opinions.

    Basically they're a good Homemade looking ZTR with a good history. Problem is, there are many more "other" mowers out there that surpass them in design and engineering. Usually more features, less money, and bigger selection of dealers.

    If your looking in the 50" range, may I suggest that you look into the following brands.....

    Exmark Lazer or HP

    SCAG Tiger Cub

    Hustler Super Z 52"

    TORO Z Series

  3. Richard Martin

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    I have a 60" Dixie with the 25 Kohler. I have had to replace exactly zero parts (including belts) on my mower because of defect or wear out. While it is true that there are some older technologies being used on the mower there are also some things that you can only get from the factory on very few mowers (none of the above listed).

    1: OCDC (Operator Controlled Discharge Chute) - A Dixie Exclusive

    2: Lifetime warranty on mower frame and front caster bearings.

    3: 1 micron Amsoil bypass filter

    4: 1 ton towing capacity

    5: VTC (Velvet Touch Control) steering - A Dixie Exclusive

    6: Flex-Deck - A Dixie Exclusive

    I personally like some of the older technologies. Like a open and easy to work on engine, manual blade clutch, easy wiring, simple OPC and lack of a mule drive belt system.
  4. TLS

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    Nice points you made, however not all are going to be positive for everyone, and not all are all that important or advantageous.

    1) OCDC, now with at least 5 companies making them for just about every mower out there, it's no longer a DC only feature.

    2) I have argued this many times before, and have only "heard" of one Lazer frame breaking, and it was an older non gusseted model. Just not a needed warranty. All mower frames are pretty much NOT going to break unless you drop it off a cliff.

    3) While I like some of Amsoils products, and currently use them, the addition of this bypass filter on a lawnmower engine has always been more of a sales pitch by DC than a proven necessary. Sure it filters down to 1 Micron, but to what extent does this extend a small engines life? I feel the engine oil cooler that DC uses does more good on an air cooled engine than the extra filtration does. To me it's just more dirty oil that you cant get out of the engine during an oil and filter change.

    4) I still feel that any Hydro ZTR mower can tow whatever you want. However, some manufacturers are more skeptical about posting its limits. For instance, Exmark lists THEIR tow rating by DRAW WEIGHT (80lbs) Not the weight of the item being towed. IE: A 2000lb utility trailer on wheels will tow with much less draw weight then towing a 2000lb fallen tree.

    5) VTC steering is something that is subjective. Some like it, some don't. I personally prefer dampened control levers. Had both, find it very difficult to control a DC now.

    6) Flex Deck. Last I knew he had them available for just about any mower that fell into his deck offset with the front caster measurement criteria.

    Open engine design is about equal on most ZTR's without a hood. The manual vs electric clutch is another personal preference, and there are good and bad about both, simple wiring....Yep cant get more simple than a DC wiring system. :rolleyes: The operator presence (or lack thereof) on a DC should almost be illegal. And mule drive vs. Straight belt is also a much debated issue. I got over 850 hrs on both my DC drive belt and my Lazer drive belt. Both were replaced due to foreign objects damaging them. Never breaking or letting me down, but damaging them beyond that which I felt comfortable. (Walnut wedged between belt tensioner [manual clutch] on DC while a stick wedged itself around the jackshaft and scored the outer casing of the belt earlier this year on the Lazer).

    Once again Richard, I'm not bashing you or DC, just pointing out that your opinion of DC differs from mine.

    Now lets hear some negatives about other mowers........
  5. Richard Martin

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    Tommy, in your haste to conterpoint everthing I wrote you left out or did not read my entire message. And the part you left out goes back to the Dixie exclusives that are only available on Dixies as you can buy them off the floor. The quote is:

    "some things that you can only get from the factory on very few mowers (none of the above listed)"

    And to your point that Dixies are more expensive than other mowers you do know that Dixie does have models that are less expensive right? You will have to give up the OCDC, the seat, Amsoil and other features to get them cheaper though. But then, it makes Dixie like every other mower then doesn't it?
  6. TLS

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    Once again Richard, I'm not bashing you or DC, just pointing out that your opinion of DC differs from mine.
  7. ProMo

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    my dixie is going on 6 years and I have never had a problem with it. I bought it to replace a scag ztr that blew the motor at 1000 hrs I blame that on poor design because they had the motor enclosed and it wasnt getting sufficient cooling im over 2000 hrs on the dixie and everything is original except the belts and tires. Ive never used an exmark z and wont because of being told by exmark that they would fix my 36 then being told i rolled it and it wont be fixed whatever the pos cut like crap since i bought it. I am very pleased with dc because it has been trouble free and cuts lots of grass
  8. crazygator

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    Ok my turn.

    I owned a Dixie last year. Big mistake! They have tried to over-engineer them and have made them a nightmare on hills. Trust me I owned one and they are terrible.....no matter what others may say. I could ask a few others who are stuck with theirs to comment on this as well.

    This year I own the Exmark Lazer HP 52" with factory bagger and love it. It will go places the Dixie only wishes. Very well balanced machine and the cut is awesome. Slopes, hills, mountains are no problem. Very easy to handle too.

    If you plan on leaf removal the dixie has no good system. Exmark makes theirs and its awesome!
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    Hey Wallace did you get my email or PM???
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    Hey tommy, what in the world is a dixie chopper? Gotta be something from south of the Mason Dixon Line? Think I saw one once...are they black and silver? Kind of ugly looking too BTW...

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