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  1. Eric or other dixie owners .we have been very happy with the kohler .I really dont know if we will have the resorses until no sooner than mid season next year but we are very interested in this diesel.I was wondering what the beast retails for.
    I also would like to thank you dixie owners out there because without this site i would not have found out about the wonderful
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    I too am contemplating buying XWD-2600-60 next year. From what I've learned you can get one for about 10.5 to 11k. But also, I've heard that certain dealers are cheaper than others and some others more willing to make deals.

    When I first got into this business, I thought over 6k for a mower is crazy. Now look few years later, I'm looking at over 10k for a lawnmower. From my research(I'm a numbers business nut), I calculated that the owner will pay half the amount of gas or less. The life expectancy w/o much time in the repair shop for the engine and chopper is 12,000 hours with regular pre-maitnence. That's great!! I figured the diesel is the most economical mower per dollar. I really would like to get it, but I'm going to have to wait till next february and get my new advertising campaign out and a few large industrial bids to get my back before I go and buy it.
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    If you think that you are going to get 12,000 hrs out of ANY mower, I have a bridge to sell you!

    That Yanmar engine "May" last a long time, but realistically 12,000 is about twice as many hours as you could expect it to live on a lawnmower. Generator, or marine use, no problem, maybe even longer, but in the harsh conditions of a lawn mower, no way.

    There is simply too much to wear out on a ZTR to think that it will last 4x's longer than it is designed. Good maintenance will help, but, when things wear out that cant be replaced or re-bushed, it just gets to nickle and diming you to death.

    Don't get me wrong, its a good mower, good company, and a great engine, but I think your aiming a little too high.
  4. $10,500 here in St Lewy.

    12,000hours. good luck.

    I think the hydros on the mower have a 5,000 hour life expectancy.

    Altough I have seen golf course equip (both gas and diesel) go for 6,000 hrs plus but the mow cuts the same stuff over and over and over for many years with out much change to the demagrafics in the turf.

    Lawn Care is diffrent to golf course. Abuse is the name and lawn care is the game.

    Think many hours of the blades running under a heavy load.

    P.S. my manual for a kubota said to rebuild the head at 2,500 hrs.

    '90 Cushman
  5. Lawngodfather

    I would think since we both are in the midwest prices would probally pretty close

    thanks partner
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    I have a yanmar diesel in a 332 JD tractor - 1988 model - 4500 hrs on it and it purrs like a kitten - uses no oil - sounds like it did 13 years ago - no carburator overhauls - no sparkplugs to change - uses 1/2 the fuel a gas does - (have saved 2250 gallons of fuel at this point):) :)
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    You gents are lucky to have the dealers around you to compare. In my travels I have seen many Chicago area LCO's runnin Choppers. Eric included. I know there must be something to them but they just aren't close enough for me up in Green Bay. In fact there is only 1 guy running one and its an old one.

    Hopefully someone will start a dealership within a reasonable distance from here. Until then, I'll keep looking.
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    Why would I want to buy a bridge? I think it is plausible to get 12k out of that mower with the right treatment but what does a bridge have to do with it?

    I'm open to facts, and I'm not telling you guys some far-fetched story. I think you guys take me for some unintelligent fool who just always repeats what he hears, not what he knows, and you guys are the one's who like to confront those type of people. Don't get me wrong guys, I've never sampled the Dixie diesel nor owned owned a dixie, but I can't stand people naying because they won't accept anything but the usual or given.

    I've heard you can get 12k out of it from Eric also. In fact he has stated on here that his dealer has 6,000 in his (not even diesel)chopper not to much more extreme than a ring job, not exactly a expensive operation and something I have done myself.

    Lets be reasonbable and think of actually why it can't make it. Of course you cant' run it for 12k hours without parts wearing. Why can't a DC frame take 12,000 hours? The frame has a lifetime warranty. Spindles, castors, bearings and such would be replaced like any other mower.

    TLS: What parts cant' be "rebushed" or replaced?

    LGF: How do you know the hydros are only rated for 6,000 hours. I see this as the possible weakness for any top mower, but I want to know why you know this or is this simply your thought? Also balanced blades on a straight spindle running for over 12,000k hours unhampered should have no problems. If you're grinding stumps with it that's your own problem.

    I'd probably never keep the mower long enough to get 3k out of it, but put aside the life expectancy, the diesel is an excellent choice. I'm willing to bet it will last just as long as any mower available now and make the DC diesel the best choice, in my opinion.

    If I'm buying a 10k mower, I'm not exactly mowing ditches guys. I don't ramp up and down curbs or hit the lowspots hard and fast. I treat all machinery as it was intended. Sure I think 12k can be had and sure maybe you get one that wouldn't last standing still then again maybe's their's one that will get farther than 12k. You make the life expectancy of the mower overall.

    Rebuttals w/ facts? Anyone?

    P.S. what's a kubota and it's head have to do with anything? Even so, heads are not hard to rebuild either if you have the tools.
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    TLS: What parts cant' be "rebushed" or replaced?

    Well, just about all moving joints on a Dixie are NON-Rebuildable. The deck supports are simply D rings welded to the frame. When they got loose, the entire deck got loose. On my Lazer they are greasable and rebuildable. Other things are just bolted with a washer and thats it. Maybe they changed these things, maybe not.

    The only way you are going to get 12K hours on a Dixie is to have it mow 8-12 hrs straight every day at one location. NO trailer riding (very hard on equipment), NO hills, one operator. Maintenance must be kept up every day (or twice on some of Dixies 8hr intravel grease points) and it must be kept in a garage and never rained on. THEN, just maybe, 8 years and 12K hours later you can drive it across that bridge I sold you!
  10. Dixie is the source for the hydro info.

    As far as what I said about "Think many hours of the blades running under a heavy load. " That is commercial mowing. not golf course. Tall thick grass will put a strain on every component.

    Yes there are exeptions, but not nomaly. I would not expect every mower I purchace to get unlikly hours out of it. 12,000 is a bit extreem, 8,000 I would not arguee with but you are right, every piece of that machine is replaceable and if you spent the money and time you could go for 30,000 hrs.

    Eg: Exmark Lazer I have has 4362 hours as we speek. Coil with 9 hours, hour meter, and nada afterwards. Well plastic oil filter bracket is leaking slow and it will get replaced with the aluminum one as soon as I can take it in for 3-4 days.

    All I was trying to say was don't get your hopes up to high for 12,000 hours.

    Good Luck

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