Dixie Diver

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fossil, Aug 8, 2003.

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    :eek: I’m sitting in my truck eating a Subway sandwich when the LCO that has the contract shows up and start to work. I’m not doing lawns that day so I check out their operation. Three man crew, really going at it. Situation normal. The young man, operating what looked like a Dixie 60”, was zipping back and forth over the turf. Suddenly the mower stops abruptly and the guy sort of falls forward out of his seat. He lands, on his knees, on the angled part of the floor where you feet would normally go. I think I am witnessing an accident but NO! This is how he picks up trash as he mows. Just as quick, he is back in his seat and flying on to the next piece. He repeated this maneuver about four times, blades still running, inches from his hands. I don’ know if he noticed me watching, because he soon went back for en E-Z reach and 5 Gal bucket. I’m glad he’s not on my insurance policy.

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