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Dixie stripper

matthew horner

LawnSite Senior Member
Sanford, NC
Figured that would get some views.

THe saga continues.........

Ok, so I got my 95 model dixie with a 50 inch deck last week. I cut centipede with it all week, and was astonished at how fast and easy it was to use. I was cutting with single blade hi lifts.

Then came the problems.

I have fescue accounts also, and so I needed to get the deck up a little higher.

Long story short-I followed advice from people here, and from a dixie tech support bulletin, and put the axle pins in the middle holes, and the front and back deck pins in the top holes.

I also removed the blade spacers and added mulching (gators) blades on top of the hi lifts (doubles for left over leaves)

So, why did I say stripper? IT IS LEAVING LITTLE STRIPS OF GRASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I go slow, its perfect, but I get on it a little and I get sprigs and straglers and strips that aren't cut at all.

This is not rocket science, so someone please tell me where I screwed up. I could cut the centipede at top speed and no strips.

Thank You.