dixiechopper se warranty is not 2 years

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ken6224, May 26, 2006.

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    For anyone looking for Dixiechopper se , the web site says two years, the dealer says two years, but this is what the owners manaul says "The warranty period is limited to one year from the date of retail purchase on behalf of the original owner of a Dixie Chopper complete unit.
    This warranty will provide the cost of repair or replacement (at the discretion of Dixie Chopper) of the defective part, including labor. This
    warranty applies only to original retail purchaser of a Dixie Chopper complete unit for personal use, and not used for income producing purposes." Its on page 4 . I called the dealer and DC 2 weeks ago to see what they would say .I have not heard from them or the dealer.
    Be sure to read the warranty before you buy anything
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    The Silver Eagle is sold as a homeowner model and has the one year warranty. The local dealer here says he hates to sell them because he knows most are going to receive heavy daily use from people in the business but people don't want to spend the extra $$$$.
  3. ken6224

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    from Ga
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    When I call DC I asked them that and they said "we do not make a homeowner unit"
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