dixies not very popular?? hmmmm wonder why?????


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baltimore, md
OKOKOKOKOK now my brother is syzer on this forum. He is in love with the dixie you guys have been telling him about, especially the guy with the really nive lawns (very nice by the way). As he said we went today to test some, and before we went i looked in the yellow pages for dixies, to my surprise i found 1 dealer advertising????? hmmmmm now if these machines are very good reliable grass plowing monsters than why only 1 local guy around here in Md. I wouldnt think its a good idea to buy one with one dealer to rely on. On the other hand were now looking at chariots and z's 61"ers. any info on the scarcity of the dixie would be helpful. PLEASE GIVE SOME HELP PLEASE HEHE IM CONFUSED

Eric ELM

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What you need to do is demo all the mowers you like, look them over to see how they are built. DC's are very easy to work on if you need to. I just replaced my hdydraulic hoses from the pumps to the wheel motors on my old DC today because they had slight leaks after 3,065 hours. The gas tanks are hinged so you can swing them out to get to the hoses very easy. Check out the Donaldson Air Filter and the Amsoil bypass filter on the DC's. All this suff adds to the longevity of the machine. My closest dealer is 1/2 hour away, but I seldom ever need to go there. I pick up filters, blades, belts, or what ever at the open house in the spring so I don't need to make a bunch of trips. I'm not sure why they don't have dealers all over, but I'd drive lots farther to get to a dealer after having the good luck I've had with my Choppers. Some guys buy a mower because they think it looks nicer than another. I buy for reliability and longevity. These were the things my dealer originally sold me on and he was right about both.


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Quality and popularity are not synonymous.

BTW Eric, that is one MAJOR difference in our equipement preferences, I always sell my mowers after 2-3 years.
Longevity isn't a factor in my purchase.

Clearly a DC lends itself to longer service life and easier repair than other machines. (Including my beloved Exmarks and Toros)

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I looked at a lot of different mowers before buying a DC. I talked to one guy who said he had owned every brand of mower in the $6,000 to $20,000 price range during the past 15 years of business. He said that when he went to DC his overall maintenance costs for mowers was cut in half. If you really compare mowers you'll find that DC's are built like tanks. Not to slam the most popular z riders in these parts (or Lazer), but look at the size of the spindle shafts and lack of greasability (don't think that is a real word) of the Toros and Exmarks.

Guntruck, I'm like Eric, I can't tell you why there aren't more dealers. In GA there are only two. Both of them are very supportive of the owners out here and bend over backwards to help us keep them running. I've been very pleased with my dealer support over the past two and one half years even if my closest one is 74 miles away.


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I have yet to see anybody cutting with a dixie chopper in my area. I think the most popular is the bobcat z and the lazer z. The one township close to me has one but I never have seen a landscaper around here with one. I here alot of people on this forum talk about them alot. I wouldn't even know of a dealer that sells them. That's just like gas staions, a see alot of the brands that i wouldn't normal see in other states, and vise versa.

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Cos,I live in Walden/Montgomery area and I notice that most ZTR's are Ransomes here too.I bought a Dixie though even though it was more money than the bobcat.I have had 2 ransomes in the past and both were poorly designed and parts are needlessly complex and expensive.They also came form england so if you needed something you were SOL.I know Textron has bought them but after I demoed a Dixie I didnt care if they were under new management.The only Dixie dealer in our area is Chambers Ford Tractor sales in Montgomery.THe gave me a good deal on my XW2500.Everyone who has bought one Dixie always gets onother when other equipment need replacing.My aunt bought a Bobcat and my DC dusts it pretty easily,while giving a better stripe and cut.I guess you get what you pay for.The fact that there arent more dealers isnt a surprise to me,Dixies are still relatively new compared to the rest,but are rising in popularity.


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I live in eastern PA and i own 2 dixies .I love them even if i have to drive 60 miles to allentown to get parts if needed none needed yet........
I love my Dixie Chopper. Dealer had a demo that I used for 2 days on my lawns, from flats to hills. Closest dealer is 65 miles away, I would gladly drive farther for a DC. I only cut part time right now, I have 171 hrs on the mower without a minutes trouble.


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In middle Georgia, the majority of lawn contractors run exmarks and scags. Two run dixies. I think the exmarks are better for the types of grass we have down here.



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Minnesota, Havnt seen a chopper in the field yet. The wright stander has become popular, unless I keep seeing the same one, otherwise lazers and toros are the majority.