Dixon 4421 11years old

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by konzaman, Mar 29, 2006.

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    I have just purchased a 20 acre lot of which about 4 acres needs mowing the rest is forest. I have someone willing to sell me a dixon 4421 that is 11 years old. looks good from my vantage point but I am no expert. He wants $850. Could use some advice on this type for a fairly flat 4 acre place with some trees on 1 acre of the place. He wants to sell the tractor as well if you know anyone that can help there. I appreciate any help.
  2. mike lane lawn care

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    take a look at the engine, does it look tired? check the oil level, if it is dirty, then he probalbly hasn't maintained it very well. look at belts, look at tires. cracks in body? test drive it.
  3. steve45

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    I'm not familiar with the 4421. Is it hydraulic drive or cone drive? Avoid the cone drive at all costs!!!

    I have a 308 that is 23 years old. Still going strong after 4 engines 4 transaxles, etc. I can just about fix it blindfolded because I had it apart so many times.

    I was finally able to buy a REAL mower (Scag) last fall and the Dixon will go up for sale.

    A big problem with the Dixon is getting parts. Dealers don't last too long, and they typically don't stock the parts I need for my older mower. They can be ordered, but expect to wait weeks. I finally got fed up last summer when it took SIX WEEKS to get a sprocket.
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    like the previous poster said, if its a cone drive RUN THE OTHER WAY.........FAST, itll nickle and dime you to death. Hyro is the only way to go.

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