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I'm thinking about buying a Dixon ZTR for commercial use 20-30 Hrs. a week.It's got a 22hp Kohler. Has anyone tried one or is using one now. Would love to have a Scag,but feel it would take too long to get my money back. For the difference in money would it be wrth it.

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Last year I was thinking about a dixon mower but I talked to
a guy that did cutting part time, and he had a dixon mower,that was about 2 years old and he told me that the belts, pumps were not holding up well to the use(and this was about 15 customers a week where he could use it at),also he said he thought they were not the same quality as a commerecial mower and was selling them & going to get a commerecial ztr. unless they have changed I do not believe they would be worth the money. I thought long and hard and finally decided on a lazer,which I am very happy with. Mabey someone has had some better experiences with dixon mowers.

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I just recently bought the new 6025 with the 48" deck. Got the grasscatcher assembly to. I must say I'm very happy with the mower and it's vacumm ability is right up there with the walker. I've got two friends that have older dixons that are around 6 years old and have always been used commercial and they have never had any major trouble. The 6025 and the 7025 is what dixon is billing as the "commercial" models now. None of the plastic body junk on these. The nice thing about the dixon is that it is still a simple to work on machine and low maint. Check them out it might work for your needs.


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What is the price difference between the two? If you are going to finance the mower for 3 years at 10% then a $2500 cost difference will cost you an additional $80.67/month. Just a couple more yards per month and its paid for. I'll bet you spend more on belts, spindles, etc on a cheaper mower over the long run. And as we all know downtime is #1 profit killer out there (besides a lawsuit).