Dixon Commercial Diesel Zero Turns

A friend has told me of a second hand Dixon diesel that is for sale locally. Before I go and look at it I wanted to find out some information as I really don't know anything about Dixon's (I have just sold my small Toro and the only dealers near me (France) are Toro, John Deere and Kubota.

When Googling I looked at www.dixon-ztr.com and it doesn't even mention a commercial diesel so do they not make them any more? I also couldn't find anything dated later than 2003 so does that mean that is when they stopped making them?

Lastly - what are they like compared to a Toro commercial (being that is the one I am most familiar with)?

Thanks in advance


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Dixon was bought out by Husqvarna several years ago. I think they are still producing Dixon machines, however, they are really blue-painted versions of Husqvarna machines. The buyout date may have been around 2007 or 2008.
Husqvarna was supposed to be using a Kubota diesel in a few models of Dixons.
I am not sure if the original older Dixon machines were offered with a diesel, or if so, what diesel they used.
If it is one of the older Dixon's, actually made by Dixon, you might have a problem with finding some parts. If it is one made by Husq., then parts should not be a problem.
Dixon never had a big market share here in the U.S. and were mostly known for their homeowner machines.The company dated back to the 60's I think. However, toward the end, they actually produced some pretty sturdy commercial duty machines. They were just too late into that market, had too few dealers, and were too small a company to survive when times got tough.


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Dixon had a v twin Yanmar with a vertical shaft, it was rated at 20 hp. I believe that it was from the early 2000's, not completely sure though.


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We just serviced one and replaced a pump on it this year. It was the first one I had ever seen or heard of. The motor didn't have any markings on it, but I guessed it was either a small shibauru or a yanmar. Customer said it was over $20000 in 2001, I let him take my 35hp Cat diesel out, and after I told him how much it was he just mumbled something about getting ripped off and hopped in his truck...lol. The only thing I thought was weird about it was the deck. Through the front there is a huge gap between the mid and chute blade to the inside front of deck, isnt like any others I have seen, and I was a Dixon dealer for a couple of years (until the huska buy out botched them up....). Seems like it wouldn't "throw" the grass as good as other decks, other than that seems like a heavy duty rig. I wouldnt put much in it at all though, noticed a guy in North Carolina I do biz with every once in a while had a 2010 Ferris 28hp Cat with 290 hours for $7000, I think thats a steal... His listing is on Charlotte craigslist for $10000....