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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tristatelandscaping&lawn, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. tristatelandscaping&lawn

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    hey guys i don't never hear about dixon on this site. are they reallly that bad or are they just not in the same league as hustler or exmark. thank for your input.
  2. gogetter

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    I can't comment on their quality, but I was just recently checking out their website and I saw that they now have "commercial" walk behinds.

    The top speed? 3 mph!!!! I e-mailed them to see if this was a typo. They replied saying "No typo, remember, this is a walk behind mower" LOL!

    If they have that little of an understanding of the commercial market needs, then I really think they should stick to marketing to homeowners (and even many homeowners will be disappointed with the speed, or rather the lack of it).
  3. Jason Rose

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    Yeah Dixon mowers are pretty good, not as heavily built as say exmark or scag but still well built and hold up pretty well. I'm talking commercial Z's here... I saw one of the new walk behinds, a 48" at my dealer. looks pretty cheapo, built buy a different company and painted blue, also had a "made in China" sticker right on it. I'd guess maybe another bradley painted yet another color? Comes in belt drive only... This is their 2nd attempt at a walk behind, the first was a cone drive with a 36 or 42 in. deck i believe, had a 14 hp. kohler. cool looking i suppose but they only produced them for a couple years. I think they are a little late getting into the W/B market honestly, the industry is steering towards more ZTR's now than 10 or 20 years ago.
    I know dixon has vastly expanded their model line up, seems too much to me... My dealer wasn't too impressed either, as now he has to stock even more machines. I guess they give everyone a choice that way, no sharp jumps up in price from one model to another. I am certian they are built better than in the past, most people look at the fact that the older models used hydrostats and not hydraulic wheel motors and discounted them saying that's just cheap junk. HELLO, look at walker... The hydro gear hydrostats on the dixons are really indestructable and never wear out. out of 2 dealers we have here neither one has ever heard of a hydrostat going bad. Yet I hear of walker owners that blow theirs out at around 1,500 hours.

    Well anyway, I usually chime in when people start asking about Dixons, mainly because I own them and like them over much of the competition and I like to get my 2 cents in before the bashers come along and call them homeowner junk.

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