Dixon hydro problems

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Dixonman, Apr 29, 2007.

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    Hello, I am new to the forum and am excited about talking to you guys about mowers.
    Problem in a nutshell

    Installed new parker pump---result---- works perfect in reverse will not work at all foward. Purged system etc...

    I have a Dixon Grizzly ZTR with 2 (10cc parker pumps and parker wheel motors) also tank and filter.
    Was mowing the other day and the left side kept getting weaker and weaker and finally quit. I bought a new parker pump and installed it (yes I changed the fluid and filter) and now it pulls in reverse fine but wont move foward.
    Of course I had to take all the old fittings off my old pump to put on the new one and could it be possible that something is out of adjustment. I purged the system by running the mower at idle and moving both lever foward and backward several times. If the brand new pump is bad then why does it work perfect in reverse? I checked too for leaks in the hoses, etc... Any ideas or ways to troubleshoot or heck even fix it? Surely the new pump isn't bad.
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    First Welcome to LawnSite !

    When you purged the system did you have the rear tires raised off the ground ?
    Also, Most purging is performed at half or more throttle as to have plenty pressure to push the air to the tank.
  3. Dixonman

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    Yes had tires off the ground and did try half throttle. What puzzles me is why it works in reverse and not foward. Is there an adjustment on the pump or inside the pump. Looks like to me if it works in reverse then the system has purged itself. Am I thinking right?

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