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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DJL50, May 10, 2006.

  1. DJL50

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    Looking into all options when it comes to zero-turn mowers. What is the word on Dixon? Any good? It is for home uses two acres. Looking at Dixon because dealer is close to home.
  2. dougmartin2003

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    you wont be sorry if you got one, they are good units. they have many models to choose from. just make sure you get one that has hydro drive and you will be set. most of there newer line is hydro but the smaller residential mower have the cone drive stay away from it.
  3. steve45

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    As stated, avoid the cone drive models!!!

    Most people can't work on them, and they require CONSTANT adjustment. If you can't learn to fix it yourself, you'll be at the dealer about every other mowing.

    Dixon's parts support leaves a LOT to be desired. The dealers don't stay dealers very long and they don't get their inventory in shape before giving up. When you order parts, you'll find that Dixon has changed the design and they send you the new style replacement part--but they don't send the other parts to make it fit. You'll spend a lot of time waiting to get the correct parts. I finally threw in the towel last summer (owned a cone drive 308 for 22 years) after waiting SIX WEEKS for a sprocket! One particularly bad summer, my Dixon was down NINE TIMES waiting for parts!!!

    The newer ones are better... but once burned, twice shy!
  4. Greenatthis

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    I had one that I bought in 91. I only used it to do my yard and both my neighbors yards. It worked great until last year and I decided to retire it. It was ugly by the 14th year, but it still got the job done.

    Oh, by the way, It still runs fine, just needs lots of work on the deck.

    I am in the process of replacing on of my tiger cubs that my maintainence crew uses and I plan on using it at home.

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