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  1. fatboy5803

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    I see these Dixon mowers advertised, but never here of anybody using them, does someone use this product??
    I've never seen them either!! Just a thought..... :rolleyes:

  2. johnhenry

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    the cheapest of the cheap.They are the murray of ztr market.I have never seen a quality lco use them in my life.They might start out with them but discard them faster than you can blink
  3. Jason Rose

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    Dixons are built in kansas, as well as a number or other z's. I and about 65% of the LCO's in my town use the 5023 as their full time machines. they are very compact and hold up fairly well for commercial use even though the 5023 is considered an estate mower now, used to be their commercial until Dixon started building the 6000, 7000, and 8000, series machines that are very comparable to the other big names. So far as the murry of ztr's i don't think so...the price is right $6,500 for a 50" 23hp kohler, with the collection system. Not too bad for a mower that will last easy 2,000 hours, 2-3 years for most guys, trade it in and get a new one!
    Honestly though I am shopping for something more commercial though probably exmark or toro.
  4. baddboygeorge

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  5. IBGreen

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    I too have heard they stink. And by the looks of things I think they do.
  6. 1grnlwn

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    It seems to me that the rules here are, If you haven't owned or tested one keep thy mouth shut. Or does that only count when we are talking about dixies or exmarks? I believe there is even a rule about hearsay. I always wonder when someone remarks about craftsman or mtd if they have ever owned one. I got to laugh at the emphisis that is put on lawn mowers around here. Most of them are not that different. You guys ought to be over on the business side arguing about important stuff.
  7. lawnagent

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    posted by badboygeorge:
    WRONG BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
    I have used them and will continue to use them. Why? because they are great! Fatboy5803, do a search on Dixons and you will see my experience first hand. I have used them time and again side by side with Woods, Grasshopper and Scag. And it was every bit as much mower as they were. But its not a sponsor on this forum so it gets bashed. I have used my residential Dixon on 40 yards a week full time from 1992 till 2000 and still use it as a part time mower today. The last 3 years it has averaged about 10 yards a week cause I have a commerecial Dixon now. I speak ONLY from first hand experience.
  8. johnhenry

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    Yes do a search here and you will see.Are we suppose to believe all that you just said.Ok lets have some facts if you are so right.Dixon better than grasshopper,scag?They aren't sponsors here and they are better than dixon.I suppose the quality of the cut is better to than others to.You want to slam me with my quote fine back it up with facts.This is like comparing a orange to a prune.I have been mowing accounts since the early eighties and have used almost every mower possible.Its not my fault you prefer to buy cheap ztr's.So why is Dixon better.Deck,spindles,bearings,hydro's,pulleys?Just why is it better?
  9. 1grnlwn

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    johnhenry Do you or have you ever had a dixon?
  10. Phishook

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