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    I have been in the mowing business doing small to medium yards in an upscale neighborhood with my 04' Toro push mower for about 4 years now. I have decided that it is time to upgrade to a zero-turn for my bigger yards. I am looking at any dixon's that are in my price range. Which is up to $1000. If anyone is selling one... please let me kno. And if anyone would like to make some suggestions on what I should be looking for I would love so advice.


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    We ran one of the old cone drive machines for a number of years. It was fairly reliable but extremely prone to fall out of adjustment. If you put a lot of hard hours on one it probably won't stand up too well; someone said 500 hrs. between rebuilds(?) The later Dixon cone drives were much easier to access in the field than our old machine so on the job minor maintenance might be possible. The new Dixon hydros, especially the commercial grades, are as high quality as any machine available but most likely more than you want to spend.
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    I have a 2005 Dixon SpeedZTR 42" unit. It was used with 10 hours when I bought it for $1000 less than the new units. I have done business with the dealer for nearly 20 years (a lot of small engines and snowmobiles).

    I like it a lot. I do wish I bought a 52" commercial, but it was out of my price range. Someday I will upgrade to a larger ZTR and then use a 36" hydro walk behind. But I have to make the money first.

    If it is a newer Dixon you should be able to find a decent one for $1500-2000, but it will be a residential unit.

    Good luck


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