DIY electric backpack blower conversion using RC plane motor

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by austinb82, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. austinb82

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    I was wondering if anyone here with more engineering knowledge than myself has any thoughts on the feasibility of this project. Some online hobby shops sell DC brushless electric motors for RC planes. Some of these motors are rather substantial so I imagine they are for a large RC plane. Some are rated in a gas engine cc equivalent, this one is rated to replace a 50cc gas engine which I think is comparable to a decently powered backpack blower motor They also sell lithium batteries so I imagine if you knew what you were doing or did enough research you could potentially adapt the motor to a leaf blower and with enough batteries get some decent run time. If you didn't take the cost effectiveness vs just using a gas blower into consideration are there any other reasons that this would not be feasible?
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    Ok, you will need to factor in a few things, like you need a speed control, and that is an out runner motor, so the impeller will need to be bolted to it. The problem is they are pull a lot of current, so you need beefy batteries, which may only last for 10-15 minutes. You also need to factor in that to use the ESC, you need to convert the throttle cable to work with the ESC which uses a radio receiver and transmitter.
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    Absolutly anything is possible, but with this class of brushless that you chose you will never obtain a useable amount of run time, especially when you bolt on a impeller a load and mass that in itself is far to large for the output of this class of motor then add the drag of the impeller in use and your dead. Your better off useing dc motors of higher voltage that can perform under high load. Not low load high output motors
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  5. BrandonV

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    How exciting! I long for the day that we done have to carry mixed gas anymore.
  6. dishboy

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    Up to 120 minutes run time , wonder what that works out to at 100% throttle? 20 minutes?
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    I love mixed gas, 2.5 gal does a lot of work, concentrated power in a can.
    Plus i can be anywhere on property mowing and can smell that my trimmer/blower guy is working. ;)
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    Imagine a day when u never have carb problems, spark plug problems, air filters.... it'll come one day.
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    Imagine the day when your battery pac wont charge, or the electronic controller mal functions, or the moter overheats, or you can't find the charger.
    It will be new machine new problems.
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    Or the high tech battery blows up in your garage when your not home burning the house down and killing all your pets....
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