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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Cheesto, Jun 27, 2012.

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    Hi Everyone - I'm interested in designing my own irrigation system, but I need some advice. Ideally, I'd like to hook up the system to my outside bib. My PSI is a steady 105, and my GPM is 5.25. My biggest question is, given this information, how many sprinkler heads can I have running on one valve?

    Also, if I had a plumber tap directly to the main service line, would my GPM increase? It just seems to me (without much knowledge on the subject) that my GPM at my outdoor faucet is low for how high my PSI is. Most conversion charts don't go up to 105 PSI so I really don't know how to figure this out!
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    If you want to participate and save some bucks, hire a pro who'll design the system. You can do the trenching, he can install the system.It's worked well for me, since we hate to trench. Plus, you have a professional warranty. :clapping: I'd hate to say how much money I've made from failed DIY systems.
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    Run everything above ground during the experimental phase and keep adding sprinkler heads until the system can't handle any more... it will depend on how much water each head is throwing out...

    But , that is NOT the difficult part... I've seen too many pros mess up on the zones, if beds or slopes become involved... all beds and slopes need to have their own zone...

    As a landscaper, concerned for the welfare of the plants, I often see some spots too wet with other spots drying out, all on the same zone... another is the beds being drenched unnecessarily because they put a sprinkler from that zone in the grass, so even though the shrubs are overgrown with water shoots, the turf is still turning brown...

    If you get a pro, be sure he goes over that with you rather than 'trust' him/her to do the right thing... have fun...
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    Oh my ....

    ::gets some popcorn while waiting for the flame fest::
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    at the GPM you show, about 2 rotors. it all depends on what head/nozzle you use. i doubt that you have 105 psi. just saying. Tap off you main water line and do it the right way and hire a pro to design and install the system
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    My, how much you can learn in 2 weeks. The outside bib idea wasn't going to work. That bib is 1/2" and the GPM is just too low. I ended up tapping directly to the service line (13 GPM) and using a pressure regulator since my static pressure is always over 100. A pro designed the layout for me - great idea. All the product is ordered... now it's all about laying the pipe and trenching!
  8. Smallaxe

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    Have fun with it...

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