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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by DirtMerchant, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. DirtMerchant

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    Teaser until next time

  2. Junior M

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    thats a 22r I assume?

    Got one setting in the driveway..

    what year are your toyotas? I've got one setting in the driveway I was trying to turn into a hunting truck but I ran outta money. You know of a good place to buy interior parts on the internet?
  3. BrandonV

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    i guess my main question is why on earth would you want to build anything on that ground?
  4. bobcat_ron

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    The company must have a monkey working for them, even we aren't that stupid to do that, and we have land exactly like Ladner. I would love to know who it is you are working for. :laugh:
  5. DirtMerchant

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    22re, slightly lower compression bottom end, and fuel injection.

    I'm got a 1985 solid axle front and rear
    1989 Red regular cab(pictured) 4x4
    1993 Extra cab 4x4 (pictured)
    1994 4runner with a 7m (supra motor) 4x4

    All of them have sunroofs and A/c incase it gets warm on the trail.

    Then I have my daily
  6. DirtMerchant

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    If the city approves it, as soon as it dry up they'll build. Whatever is in this soil, in the summer it passed a compaction test, in the winter though. It failed the holding an excavator test
  7. DirtMerchant

    DirtMerchant LawnSite Senior Member
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    We're just a fillsite contractor and aggregate supplier. We have very few machines on sites. Mostly trucks or stuff in the pits. Whatever pays the bills. Once the land is built on and therefore the soil capped it will be fine. Alot of Coquitlam and maple ridge was built on identical material.
  8. Dirtman2007

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    HEY! thats my job to play and grade in the mud all day!!!! stop taking my work:nono:

  9. Junior M

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    I got the same problem with my 1994 22re.. And the timing chain was slapping the cover..

    How did you do the supra motor with the 4wd? I've pondered doing that to mine.
  10. DirtMerchant

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    Toyota bellhousing are almost all interchangable to a certain extent.

    For example a 7m Motor comes with a w58 Series transmission, Which is (as you can read) a W family transmission. All w series transmissions have interchangeable Belhousings aka they all share the bolt pattern on the transmission side. So you take a w58 Bellhousing and bolt it up to the W56 (legendary) Transmission/Tcase and it all bolts in. Infact a 7m with bolt right up to 22re motor mounts as well, and work in the stock location, and with all stock parts you bolt on your transmission. I personally like to run twin transfer cases, double sticks are a waste of time. You can buy an adapter to run 2 for a couple hundred bucks. Now you've got an all factory 4x4 setup, that didn't cost next to nothing, and you've got super low crawling gears, but don't lose any highway abilities. It's all factory, stronger then most aftermarket built cases/transmissions. And you've over doubled the output of your truck. 85hp->235hp (mine dyno'd at that with headers and a cam) Wiring is simple and factory. You've got a super capable truck that will out wheel any jeep or other v-six vehicle. And the best part is you can spend all the money you've just saved on some Lock right lockers, and a nice set of 33's. And you've got a really capable truck. REALLY capable.

    You can also swap in a 2jz motor, but that's a little trickier, and more expensive. BUT hugely rewarding. I mean a straight six that stock makes 320 hp. COME ON
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